Apple to Launch iPhone 5S in Different Color and Screen Sizes, Says Analyst

Looks like the New Year has brought some new rumors about Apple products as today an analyst claimed that the new iPhone could come in Pink as well. Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets went on to claim this morning that his sources that are close to Apple tells him that the new iPhone that will be iPhone 5S will be coming in May or if not May then probably June. The new Apple iPhone 5S will provide a lot of choices for consumers as far as the selection of colors are concerned and it is also added that the color choices could be similar to what we have seen for the new iPod Touch released last year. After that report, many other analysts believe that introducing a new wave of colors to iPod Touch last year was a testing thing to try out in the future models of iPhone.

However, that won’t be the only thing that will depend on user’s choice but in fact iPhone 5S will also come in different screen sizes as well. Now what does that mean? It means that, if the report from White is true, Apple for the very first time offer a single model of iPhone in different screen sizes that might open the space for the entrance of a cheap iPhone with a small screen size or for smartphone with much bigger screen, which most of the people like to own. So basically with different screen size idea, Apple will be targeting all type of audiences and will be looking to make the most of the idea of iPhone with different screen sizes.

Although the rumor though came too early too believe but it fits to the way Apple works especially offering the colors part where it is claimed that iPhone 5S will come in similar color selection that Apple tried out with iPod Touch, which looks pretty much the thought of Apple’s Tim Cook. Meanwhile the idea overall looks impressive, but its still long way to go and its one of many iPhone rumors that we are going to hear this year, for sure.


Source:   CNet

Samsung Galaxy Note II to get Red and Brown Treat in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note II will sport two more new colors in South Korea apart from the marble white and titanium gray.  According to new Japanese Blog, The Phablet will be available in two more new colors for the consumers to choose. The red one will be officially known as ‘Ruby Wine’ while the brown will be called as ‘Amber Brown.’ As the news appeared in a South Korean publication, it will take time to reach the American market or even if it will or not, a question that still needs to be answered.

The 5.5-inch Samsung Phablet is currently only available in two colors and those are titanium gray and marble white. Since Samsung Galaxy S III I available in a wide range of colors like Marble White, Pebble Blue, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, and Titanium Gray, there is no surprise that Samsung would also add a couple of colors to Galaxy Note II as well.

With already these rumors indicating that another two colors are coming up for Galaxy Note II in South Korea, there is still uncertainty whether if these two newly added colors will also be available to choose from when a consumer in the US will go to buy Galaxy Note II or not.


Source:   CNet

Sony’s ‘Destination PlayStation’ Event Hints at a Possible PlayStation 4 Launch

Sony recently confirmed the PlayStation event which is called as ‘Destination PlayStation’ by sending out the invitation to media, press, retail executives and others. Sony promises the event to have something for more the game loving public and primarily the event is expected to show off some games and the attendees will be treated with food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013.” And since Sony confirmed the event, a report came up that said that Sony might reveal the PlayStation 4 console at the event as well.

Sony’s ‘Destination PlayStation’ event will start at 25th February 2013 and will last four days to end on February 28th in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event will be packed with so much happening and gaming stuff that one could handle. Though it is still unclear if Sony is going to take the curtains off of the PlayStation 4 or not as Sony haven’t talked about it.

If Sony is about to reveal PlayStation 4 then it will compete against Xbox 360, which is currently enjoying the success. However, even if Sony PlayStation 4 gets past the Xbox 360 then Microsoft is also prepping up the Xbox 720 for this year which will then go against the PlayStation 4 and probably it will again be the Xbox on the winning side unless Sony comes with something real amazing. As for now, Sony has already stopped the PlayStation 2 production in Japan, so from this step you can get an idea that either Sony is putting all his concentration on PlayStation 3 or a next-gen console is on its way.


Source:   Slashgear

Samsung to Launch First Tizen-Based Smartphone in 2013, Says Report

Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to produce a Tizen based smartphone in collaboration with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo and other carriers that will launch in 2013, according to a report published in Japan’s Daily Yomiuri. Samsung that is already the world’s most used smartphone brand in the world is now taking another step forward by collaborating with NTT DoCoMo and other partners to build and market such a platform that will prove to be a rival of operating systems from Google and Apple. Not just some of the Asian carriers are interested in partnering but in fact some European carriers seems to be interested as well in the project such as Vodaphone and France Telecom, says a report that was published in Daily Yomiuri.

Tizen is Linux based mobile operating system that emerged from the ashes of Nokia’s MeeGo. After Nokia giving up on MeeGo, Samsung took over the development of the MeeGo program and added the Linux Foundation as well to oversee the matters. It is, however, claimed that Tizen is more open platform that Google’s Android, which is perhaps one of the most major difference that Google pointed out when compared with Apple’s iOS. Partners involved with the ‘Tizen’ project are seeing this Linux based mobile operating system as a potential substitute to Android and iOS.

Samsung who is currently enjoying a huge success and dominance in the smartphone world with their vast range of Google’s Android powered smartphones is now thinking of trying out something new. That is something that might not be appreciated by people sitting back in Google, but that surely isn’t something that Samsung hasn’t tried yet as Samsung has already released Windows Phone 8 Smartphones. Tizen particularly will not only be limited to smartphones but will also be used for other devices like tablets, televisions and other appliances.


Source:   CNet

Installous, A Pirated App Store for iOS closes down

Hackulous, the team of developers behind Installous updated their website on Sunday with a message that says that Installous service has been shut down for good. Installous was an iOS app that can be installed only on a jailbroken iOS running device. The Installous was also linked with another service called Apptrackr that used to crack apps via Web interface. More surprisingly, Apptrackr too shut down without any prior notice claiming to be the reason behind of closure was a lack of activity. While apparently both services have a large number of users and the statement from Hackulous seemed a bit contradictory to the facts or the number of users using their services. The Hackulous also claimed a little while ago that millions of users have Installous installed on their devices and they are earning well from the advertisements they see each time they open the app.

Hackulous wrote on their website, “We are very sad to announce that Hackulous is shutting down. After many years, our community has become stagnant and our forums are a bit of a ghost town. It has become difficult to keep them online and well-moderated, despite the devotion of our staff. We’re incredibly thankful for the support we’ve had over the years and hope that new, greater communities blossom out of our absence.”

As mentioned earlier, the statement that appeared from Hackulous developer team seems a bit contradictory to the facts or the statement that they came with a couple of months ago. However, it looks like the reason behind the shutdown is not the lack of activity but could be the rumors indicating that there won’t be a jailbreak for is 6. Jailbreaking allows the iOS devices to do some illegal things like installing pirated apps through services like Hackulous while jailbreaking itself isn’t an illegal activity.


Source:   CNet

Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature S Pen and Release in April, Says Report

It is widely speculated that Samsung will launch a successor of Galaxy S III on April 2013 and might as well feature the revolutionary S Pen from Galaxy Note series that is a perhaps the main reason that made Galaxy Note what it is right now. However in a recent published report those speculations indicating towards the addition of the S Pen seems to be supported in this report. The report came from South Korea, homeland of Samsung that basically put a closer look at the upcoming Android beast’s specs. According to a report, a Samsung Galaxy S IV will sport a 5-inch HD Display powered by quad-core Exynos 5440 chip, 13 megapixel camera, running on Android 5.0 and last but not the least S Pen.

Although it has been widely speculated that Galaxy S IV will have ARM’s chip with Samsung A7 for browsing and texting stuff while A15 will take care of multitasking and other memory targeted tasks like gaming but it appears as if the device will feature Exynos chipset. More interestingly, as the report suggests, Samsung is planning to add the infamous S Pen to Galaxy S IV that has been solely linked with the hybrid between smartphone and tablet called as Galaxy Note.

The idea of adding the S Pen is the topic of discussion on many forums on the Internet. Many people claims that the idea of adding the S Pen to the Galaxy S series may prove meaningful and could be well received by many while others say that S Pen in the Galaxy Series might have a bad impact on the product itself alone as S Pen has always been linked with the Note and adding S Pen to the Galaxy S IV might also affect the sales of Galaxy Note as well and they believe instead of adding S Pen, Samsung should look to introduce something different just like S Pen which became one of the reason for success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.


Source:   PhoneArena

Apple and Intel are working on iWatch to Release in 2013, Says Report

According to Chinese blog, Apple is currently working on a touch screen wrist watch. Another exciting thing is that Intel is also working with Apple to develop a wristwatch having a 1.5-inch OLED screen with Indium tin oxide coated glass, Bluetooth 4.0 and will be running on a version of iOS. The wrist watch, like other Apple products, will be called as iWatch. A Chinese blog that cited Apple’s ever trusting supply chain sources, claimed that Intel and Apple are both collaborating on an iWatch that will probably use Bluetooth to connect with other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.

This is something that does make sense especially when Google is all set to release Google Glass, which is a headset with screen. Moreover, the idea is nothing new behind the iWatch as Sony came up first with LiveView and then later came up with smart watch, a successor of LiveView that can be connected with any Android device and then you can get updates on your watch and even you can check the Facebook News Feed or any RSS feed you have subscribed to. So most probably it will do the same thing as Sony’s Smart watch does for Android Smartphones, however Apple has the history of making some cool devices and no hard feelings, Apple will definitely come up again with some new and cool stuff to outclass any other smart watches that will come into that category.


Source:    9T05 Mac

Download Notification Center for Windows Phone from Windows Phones Store

When you talk about smartphones these days, more than the design, an individual looking for the features and operating system running on the Smartphone. If we talk about the operating system, recently released Windows Phone 8 has been the center of talks. Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 attracted the tech community and received well deserved praise for their work. Having said that, there are still a lot of improvements that needed to be made, for instance inclusion of a notification bar or a notification center is what Microsoft is going to call it. Before the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.8 a watered-down edition of Windows Phone 8 and one of the plus points of the older version is that on most occasions it is a lot more customizable and that is meaningfully because of the Notification app to add a Notification Center feature for Windows Phone 7.x.


That raises a serious question that if Windows Phone 7.x gets the notification center app or an update you can say then why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t already have Notification Center thing as a default. The Redmond based company confessed that they ran out of time while developing and hence they left out the Notification Center feature for Windows Phone 8. Though the developers are currently working on to bring the Notification Center for all Windows Phone devices, so in the near future there should be a release of Notification Center app for Windows Phone 8. Though it is still uncertain if the Notification Center app will work on Windows Phone 7.8 but still you can always try out the free trial before splashing out you heard earned money. To install the Notifications on your Windows Phone 7.x, you need to install a companion app called Notification Centre which you can download from here. Once done with the installation, sync it with the Zune and then your Windows Phone will restart and after that Notifications should be up and running. As earlier stated, there is a free trial of the app available while the complete version of the app costs $2.99.


Source:   Windows Phone Store


Samsung is planning to Ship Half a Billion Smartphones in 2013

Samsung is looking to outnumber the huge sales record that they have posted in the current year 2012 by shipping more than half a billion phones in 2013. To be exact, Samsung is thinking about shipping 510 million phones in the coming year, which will be 20 percent, more over 410 million phones that Samsung shipped in 2012, says a report. Though it is expected that those 510 million phones will be divided into 390 million Smartphones and 120 million feature phones, published in a report in the Korea Times that claims to have heard from the sources close to Samsung and suppliers. That will be quite an achievement for Samsung if they will manage to do so and manufacture and supply such a huge number of smartphones all around the globe, looks like Samsung wants to overtake Nokia as the top mobile phone brand in the world as soon as possible. Recent mobile phone market statistics show that for the year 2012 Samsung has the 29 percent share in the global mobile phone market leaving behind Nokia for the first time in 14 years that has 24 percent global mobile phone market share.

Samsung is currently enjoying huge success with its Android powered Galaxy series of smartphones where a consumer can find a smartphone to its liking as the Galaxy series have several kinds of smartphones that suits almost everybody. If you need an Android Beast, Galaxy S III is there for you, if you need a mid range smartphone then you have Galaxy Nexus or maybe Galaxy S II and don’t worry if you are looking for a budget Android smartphone as Samsung got you covered with its Galaxy y and Galaxy mini. Samsung’s 2012 highlight was Galaxy S III and probably next year it would turn out to be Galaxy SIV, who knows. Apart from an Android powered Smartphones, Samsung also has some Windows Phone 8 devices lined up for 2013 as well so that might also help boosting the sales for Samsung for the year 2013.


Source:   LA Times

Google Extends Free Google Voice throughout the US and Canada for 2013

Google Voice is perhaps one of the most popular VoIP services available worldwide but the users of Google Voice in the US and Canada enjoys the luxury of making free domestic calls. So if you are in the US or Canada then you make domestic calls using Google Voice and those calls will be free with an amazing call routing and quality. Google announced last year that Google Voice service will stay free for the rest of the year in the US and Canada for making domestic calls and as the year is about to end, looks like the tradition will continue for the next year i.e. 2013, says Google.

Offering free domestic calls in the US and Canada isn’t the only feature that Google Voice offers but one of the best features that Google Voice offers is the cheap International calling rates. Google Voice service is just like any other phone service available and you will experience some occasional lags and a bit questionable voice quality but apart from that, Google Voice is flawless. Though earlier this year Google said that they will keep the service free until the quality of their service reaches to an acceptable level. Whether if its because the Google Voice service hasn’t reached to a level that Google pointed out earlier this year or they doesn’t want to hurt the people enjoying holidays, either ways Google Voice remain free for 2013 in the US and Canada for making domestic calls.


Source:  PC World