Apple iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 to Arrive in March, Says Report

Apple refreshed the iPad series twice last year that received some mixed reviews and comments from the tech community and the consumers. Some people were glad to see the new generation of iPad with better performance while some weren’t happy at all to see the newer iPad in less than seven months time of its predecessor’s launch, and those were mostly the iPad 3 owners. And now yet again, reports are claiming that Apple is again getting ready to refresh the iPad range in less than a year’s time and even earlier, in March. Reports also claim that both the original iPad and iPad mini will receive some improvements where iPad 5 to get a bit larger display while iPad mini to receive the retina display.

The report came from Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets that suppose to have communicated with the industry sources during the Consumer Electronic Show 2013 last week. According to him, the fifth generation of the iPad and the second generation iPad mini will be revealed by Apple in March. This means that only about two or maybe less than two months to go before actually witnessing the newer iPads from Apple, provided that this rumor prove to be true.


However there is nothing known yet about the specs of both the devices however, this is for sure that both devices will get some serious upgrades. As it is pretty much expected that the fifth gen iPad will receive a better processor and on the other hand iPad mini is expected to get the retina display, which was lacking in the first generation of the iPad mini.


Source:  Apple Insider

CES 2013: Pebble to Start Shipping Smart Watch to Backers from 23 January

The Kickstarter project was originally closed down after receiving the $10 million in funding and promised that the company will ship 85,000 units to people who funded the project. Pebble announced at the CES Press Conference that they will start shipping the first batch smart watch on January 23. The people who funded the project at the beginning will get the watch first followed by the people who funded after them. So people who come in the category of early birds should expect their orders to be delivered soon. However, if you weren’t among the people who backed the project at all then you can order the Pebble watch on their website. Those who will order the watch from the website will have to pay $150 unlike the people who trusted and funded the project and paid in between $100 to $125. Not just that but they will also have to wait for the backers to receive their watches first and then expect theirs.

The Pebble Watch connects with Bluetooth 4.0 with your Android or iOS device, has an accelerometer with an e-paper display of resolution 144 by 168. The watch is well designed and fully customizable. The smart watch is yet to hit the market but it has a lot of potential to exploit, a place where developers are surely going to try out themselves. You can get text messages, emails, and missed call notifications on your Pebble smart watch. You can customize the face of the watch and there are many different faces to choose from that won’t let you bore from the only conventional look that most watches have. The watch is water resistant and comes with a magnetic charging cable to charge your Pebble watch. Concluding, Pebble Smart Watch showed some really promising and exciting stuff at CES and only time will tell how good of a device it turns out to be.


Source:   CNet

CES 2013: Samsung Unveiled Flexible & Unbreakable Smartphone Screens

Samsung was previously rumored to be working on a flexible screen for smartphones and at CES 2013 Samsung just put an end to those rumors by finally by taking off the curtains from some of its prototypes that give a clear idea what Samsung is planning for the future. Among the prototypes was the new line of flexible OLED displays and those curved displays are named as Youm from Samsung. The OLED technology allowed the Korean electronics manufacturer to come up with thinner and lighter displays that can even provide the image better than HD Television.

Samsung’s Senior Vice President said that they can make ultra thin displays with unbreakable plastic. He said, “It won’t break even if it’s dropped, and we can actually bend the screen,” He goes on to demonstrate the screen by grabbing the edge of it and start bending in downwards and upwards without anything happening to the screen or its display quality, which was quite surprising.

Samsung’s Senior VP then covered the phone with a solid case leaving the curved part of the screen visible to the eye and showed how he can still go on to read the stuff written on the curved display. He said, “This kind of display is going to allow our partners to create a whole new ecosystem of devices, devices with bended, foldable and rollable screens.”

After that a video was played where two guys are using the Youm displays or the flexible displays. One was first shown with a tablet then he folds it up and comes with a rather smaller screen that can be used in smartphones while the other man presses the button and the screen slides out of the box. Senior VP Samsung added, “Imagine the products you could design with this,” However Samsung hasn’t told about the availability of their Smartphones with Youm display, so it’s rather too early to anticipate when we will get to see the devices with Youm displays.


Source:   LA Times

Pod2G Finally Comes with A Surprise for Jailbreak Fans

A week ago, all the Jailbreak fans and the developing community including Pod2G were raising voice on Twitter for an open iOS in the future because of the hardships that the developer has been facing in jailbreak is 6. But now seems like Pod2G has something to cheer for the jailbreak fans and lovers after the developer planetbeing posted that he has finally jailbreak his iPhone 5 running on iOS 6.0.2.

Pod2G urged the jailbreak fans and developing community to not to lose hope after one of its developer ‘planetbeing’ posted that he has finally achieved the jailbreak on his iPhone 5 running on iOS 6, however it is not available for public to test out yet. Planetbeing pointed out two reasons that why it is not released for the public. He said “Releasing it would burn an exploit we want to save for ourselves so we can always get in to look at new firmware and help JB in the future.” This means that Pod2G is prepping up for a newer version of the jailbreak which they will eventually release in the future. “iOS 6.1 is coming very soon and will likely break a small part of it anyway, there’s no point in sacrificing the many bugs it won’t break.” He added. This indicates that a newer version of the iOS 6.1 jailbreak is already on the cards and might soon be available for the public to test out soon after iOS 6.1 is released.

This news is quite welcoming for the jailbreak fans that couldn’t wait to jailbreak their idevices running on iOS 6. However now both jailbreak fans and the developing community have something to cheer. So now the people will soon have the method to install Cydia on their iPhone 5, looks like the long wait is finally paying off for them.


Source:   Reddit

CES 2013: Top 5 Trends

Consumer Electronic Show 2013 started this week in Las Vegas where electronic companies from all over the world showcased their new and yet to be launched gadgets. Just like every CES, this year’s event also witnessed some of the real eye catching gadgets and new technologies. Meanwhile here are some of the gadgets that impressed everybody present at the CES:

Ultra HD TV: Looks like the rumors were correct about the 4K TV to feature at the CES 2013. However, practically there is hardly any 4K content available that you can enjoy on the TV right now but cinemas and theaters have been showing the movies from quite some time in 4K. The major manufacturers of the Ultra HD TV were Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and LG. These are some of the companies that recently invented the idea of higher resolution TV. Sharp in particular was previously linked with the bigger HD TVs than before and looks like those reports were found to be true. The Ultra HD TV is now a lot bigger with about 85 to 95 inches and the pictures and videos are almost about 8 times clearer than it was before and above all Televisions are getting smarter day by day.

Touch Screen PCs: Recently PCs got a refreshment of Microsoft’s new operating system named as Windows 8. Windows 8 is a hybrid operating system, which means that it is designed for both PCs, and touch screen devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. After hearing that, a touch screen laptop becomes quite an obvious need keeping the thing in mind that newer PCs have the built in support for touch screen, thanks to Windows 8. And due to the very reason, we have witnessed all in one PCs with touch screens, Convertible Ultrabook that can be converted into a tablet PC and laptops with touch screens. The touch screens are not lesser than any other touch screen out there with 1080p video and HD display.

Next Generation Mobile Chipset: This year will bring a whole lot of revolution to mobile processors courtesy Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel which is launching their next generation SoCs (system-on-a-chips) that promises better performance and longer battery timing for the devices. Well now specs don’t have that much importance as they used to have and now it’s more about additional features. Like the Qualcomm’s quad core Snapdragon 800 will be able to run 4K videos which is like 4 times the pixel density of 1080p. Nvidia’s Tegra 4 will let users to add the HDR to live video with moving things. While Intel’s AtomZ2760 will support the Windows 8 powered devices and tablets.

Non-Traditional Gaming Handhelds: When it comes to gaming and handheld gaming especially, the first thing that comes to our mind is either a Nintendo Gameboy or Sony PSP. These are the ones that kids mostly remember of because these are the ones that are quite famous in handheld gaming or traditional handheld gaming. Though at this year’s CES, we have witnessed some un traditional gaming handhelds such as Nvidia’s Project Shield that is powered by the Tegra 4 processor, a 5-inch touch screen, D-pad, analog sticks and other buttons and bumpers. This is just another revolutionary step towards handheld gaming.

Wireless Cameras: Camera is another thing that evolved into something really different and meaningful at the CES 2013. It was old school where you used to sync photos from your camera and then share it on social websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. However now with the wireless cameras, you can now share your images via 3G or Wi-Fi to any favorite social website or even Instagram. With cameras equipped in smartphone showing signs of some wear and tear, this seems to be a more perfect gadget for people who look for a camera while buying a smartphone.


Source:   PC World

Facebook adds Voice Messaging and Free Calls to Facebook Messenger App

Facebook rolled out an update to its iOS and Android Facebook Messenger app yesterday night. The update adds a new feature that allows the users to record messages and send down to their Facebook friends. Users who have already updated to the latest version of Facebook Messenger app on either their iOS or Android powered device should now see a ‘Record’ option inside the ‘+’ button that is just next to the box where you type your text. To send a voice message, all you need to do is to tap the ‘Record’ button first and then hold down the button to record your message.

If you are driving and want to reply to something important, then this particular feature can be a life saver because all you need to do is to hold the record button and say while you are driving. It is also useful when you want to avoid typing those lengthy and messy instructions when they can be more expressive vocally. Facebook said, “When you’re ready to send [the voice recording], just release the button.” Apart from making your own life easier via this new feature, this voice messaging feature has a lot to cheer and can be used for many purposes. Although the voicemail service is quite old technology but still the service is pretty useful and effective at times. Facebook added, “This feature is perfect for when you’ve got more to say.” So definitely this feature is going to improve user experience, for sure.

The voice messaging update reaches out to everywhere in the world while Canada gets a special update that along with the voice messaging service, which is ‘Free Calling service’ to Facebook users using Facebook Messenger app. After updating the app, Canadian Facebook Messenger users can make free calls by tapping the ‘i’ button on the top right hand corner and then the ‘Free Call’ button inside.

Facebook looks pretty determined to establish Facebook Messenger as not only just a Messaging service but something more. The update is just another step towards expanding the Facebook Messenger app and pull users from other rival services like hugely popular Whatsapp.


Source:   CNet

Apple is looking to Buy Waze for $500M, Says Report

Apple is looking to buy Waze, a company behind a relatively popular social-navigation app with the same name i.e. Waze, according to a report. According to the report, Waze is eyeing a net $750 million worth deal while on the other side Apple is not willing to pay more than $400 million cash with an additional $100 million depending on the performance after the buyout.

Waze is quite popular social navigation app that has over 30 million users. The Waze service is used to share the routes and real time traffic information with their family and friends and this service basically helps suggesting better driving direction using the shared information. The app also allows you to share about the roadblocks, accidents and police car locations yet everything that you come across while driving. The app uses all that information and then suggests the alternative driving options to the users that eventually save their time.

Apple’s apparent interest in Waze is because of the poor performance of their own 3D Map app in iOS 6. Apple couldn’t live up to the expectations of the Apple fans and to make it up for that Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to them and promised that a new and better version of the app will soon be available. And looks like the proposed acquisition of Waze is just another step to improve its own Map app.


Source:   CNet

Samsung Confirms Tizen Based Smartphones to Release in 2013

A report appeared on the first day of 2013 that Samsung is planning to release a Tizen based smartphone in the running year. Though it was all rumors up till today when Samsung confirmed the report and put an end to the rumor. Samsung confirmed that they are planning to release Tizen based smartphones this year and will continue to release some more devices depending on the market’s condition. Samsung spokesperson said, “We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions.”

However, no specific number of devices mentioned by the spokesperson that will make its way to the market this year but at least one thing is confirmed that the world’s largest mobile phone making company is planning on something new and something different. It is still unclear what features will the new Tizen powered smartphones will offer to its users. Tizen is basically a Linux based mobile operating system that arose out of the demise of Nokia’s MeeGo platform. After Nokia giving up on MeeGo, Samsung and Intel took over the development and later joined by the Linux team to give it a complete new look.

Many experts and analysts are considering Tizen a potential threat to Google’s Android and Apple iOS powered devices and Samsung too seems to be agreed on that. Samsung is believed to have some long term plan of making Tizen the leading mobile operating system, though it looks pretty hard target to get when Android is growing at a rapid pace but nothing is impossible. Tizen is coming into the market in a similar situation when Android emerged and Blackberry, Symbian and iOS were enjoying the success whereas now the situation is completely different with Android leading the war. So this could be anybody’s game, though it’s too early to say but Tizen undoubtedly has the potential to become the alternative but we’d have to wait till the release of the first Tizen based smartphone to find out.


Source:   CNet

Jailbreak Fans Ask Apple to Release an Open iOS in Future with #weWantAnOpenIOS

Looks like the rumors proved to be right; Apple iOS 6 doesn’t allow to jailbreak, meaning that Apple fans and developers won’t have the freedom to customize their iPhone to their liking. This particular reason has apparently forced the jailbreak app store, Installous to shut down. Though Hackulous, the development team behind the Installous app didn’t point out the similar reason but instead gave the reason of being lack of activity on the app which doesn’t seem to satisfy anybody because Installous have a large number of users and admirers as well.

Apple certainly ties down the devs by not allowing them to jailbreak the latest mobile operating system and as a result there won’t be no tweaks and mods for the new iOS 6. Now after a couple of months, both fans and developers have decided to raise voice and request the Apple to give them something to cheer, requesting Apple to develop an open mobie operating system in the future and allow them to jailbreak in order to make their iPhone completely theirs. In order to make them heard, a new Twitter trend just appeared #weWantAnOpeniOS from the Apple fans from all over the world and one of the major development team @Pod2g is also supporting the cause. So it is about time, if you too are an Apple fan and support the cause then make your voice heard on Twitter #weWantAnOpeniOS.

Is Microsoft Planning to Reveal Xbox 720 at E3?

Yesterday Sony send out the invitation for its upcoming event next month that hints to the most expected launch of PlayStation 4 console. While today Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson posted an even teasing countdown clock that counts down to the number of days and hours until the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off in Los Angeles. 159 more days to go, says the countdown clock put up by all excited Nelson on his blog that says “And it’s on…”

Now that little thing from Nelson makes us all wonder the reason behind Nelson’s excitement and points towards the next big thing from Microsoft is none other than the next generation Xbox Console, which is often named as Xbox 720. Since Microsoft has already revealed Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablet and now the next generation gaming console from Microsoft is the only thing that everyone is expecting from them.

There’s one more thing that is interesting and hints towards the next generation console Xbox console which is why would Microsoft post the event’s countdown so early unless they are planning something big and increase the curiosity among the people to make them wait eagerly for the countdown to finish and attract as much audience as they can.


Source:   MajorNelson