Facebook to Launch a Native Android App Soon, Reports

Facebook is reported to be testing a new Android app that will no longer be based on the current HTML5. Sources close to the matter reports that Facebook is indeed closing in on launching a native Android app. It is also reported that the social networking giants are in the final stages of testing its native Android app and they won’t be loosing out of any more time in launching the app as soon as the that testing period is complete.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook admitted that the HTML5 app was a mistake and promised a native app for Android in the near future and seems like the time has arrived for him to fulfill his promise made to Android users. Currently Facebook offers a free app for Android users based on HTML5 that is probably not of the best especially after the Company releasing a native Facebook app for iOS that is considered to be a huge improvement considering the HTML5 app. So it will be only a matter of time now for the Android users to experience such improved their favorite social networking app.


Source:   CNet

Sony Xperia T – A James Bond OO7 Phone now Available on O2 UK

James Bond movies have always been an inspiration for the younger generation, the way British spy codenamed 007 moves, the way he talks, use of the latest technology and gadgets and one can hardly forget the famous tagline ‘My name is Bond, James Bond’ that has been one of the most famous lines to be ever spoken by any actor on screen. As we are progressing fast in the smartphone world, James Bond movie just simply can’t take out that flavor out of its upcoming movie ‘Skyfall’ that will release later this year.

A modified Sony Xperia T is the chosen one for 007 Bond movie because of its sophisticated black aesthetics of the device obviously fits his mysterious persona that suits the Britain’s spy perfectly. This exclusive device will be available only with O2 carrier with the same specs as the original Xperia T contains. Though this exclusive Xperia T smartphone comes with some special 007 James Bond Skyfall content that is only available in this limited edition Xperia T.

Special content includes exclusive 007 ringtones, James Bond themes, screen savers and official images taken on the production set of the upcoming James Bond release Skyfall with geotagged information about exactly where the shot has been taken place. You can get this exclusive Sony Xperia T smartphone on O2 UK for free with 179.99 GBP monthly on a two year contract and you can also get a SIM free version of this amazing smartphone, which will make you feel like ‘James Bond’, for just 429.99 GBP.


Source:  O2.co.uk

Android Jelly Bean Leaked for HTC One X

HTC announced earlier this week that they will be rolling out the Jelly Updates to its One series of smartphones that includes One X. Though the exact date wasn’t announced for the release of the Jelly Bean update but as mentioned earlier that it will announce in October. Though the exact date is still unknown but now we have the leaked Jelly Bean OTA for HTC One X.

The Jelly Bean is indeed leaked but due to an issue with updating HBoot with S-On the leaked Jelly Bean ROM is only available for developers only for now. Since its release, several developers have tested it out and reported that there are indeed number of things that aren’t working properly including the data packet and cell signal. Though it still is something to cheer about for the normal users as the leaked Jelly Bean version is finally available and it won’t take much longer for our capable developers to release a rather stable version. So don’t be impatient, if you are desperately waiting for the Jelly bean update to hit your HTC device then probably patience is all you need and if there will be any release of the Jelly Bean ROM for your device then we will surely guide you to it so stay tuned to ApplenMicro for more.


Source:  XDA Developers

Apple to Order more than 10 Million iPad mini Units by the End of this Year, Reports

It’s time for Apple iPad mini to enter the rumor world after all the iPhone 5 rumors that we heard in the past six months. A week earlier we told you that the production of iPad mini is already undergoing in a Brazilian factory according to reports from the Wall Street Journal. Another report that came yet again from The Wall Street Journal, this time reporting that the Most valuable tech company has ordered to produce more than 10 million iPad mini units before the shopping season. If indeed that report has some truth in it then it will be twice the number of Kindle Fire tablets that Amazon has asked to produce till the holiday season.

Both the reports have come from the Wall Street Journal and seems like both rumors have come from the same source, which is said to be close to the Apple’s suppliers. The mini iPad is rumored to be launched at an event later this month for which the invitations is expected to be sent on Wednesday. The new 7.85-inch iPad mini will compete against the much cheaper Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD that are already doing great in the market. Several reports are now hinting about the production and the specs of iPad mini but now we all are waiting for the Apple to step up and make it official.


Source:   LA Times

How to Install PlayStation Mobile Store on your Rooted Android Device

PlayStation Mobile has just been released for some of the compatible Android devices that are home for a whole lot of PlayStation games that are compatible to run on Android smartphones. But the problem is if your Android device is rooted and you’re experiencing some problems in installing the new PlayStation Mobile Store that Sony has just released for its certified Xperia devices, HTC One Series and PlayStation Vita.

So if you have a rooted Android smartphone or tablet and want to install the PlayStation Mobile Store on your device then follow this little tutorial that you will see after a jump.

Step 1: Download and install the PlayStation Mobile Store .apk.

Step 2: Now download the flashable .zip file from here.

Step 3: Now flash the .zip recovery via a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod recovery.

Step 4: Now simply restart your device and then you’ll have a perfect working PlayStation Mobile Store app.

Now you have to simply sign in using your Sony Entertainment Network id and then you’ll be able to download the games from the newly launched PlayStation Mobile Store app.

Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2012: Samsung Galaxy S III Named Best Smartphone and iPad 3 named Best Tablet

This year’s Mobile Choice Awards took place in London with no surprises in the award list for this year as Samsung Galaxy S III came out to be the best smartphone for the year of 2012. Though its main competitor Apple iPhone 5 that is doing an amazing job wasn’t included in the list of competitors for the award and if this event would have launched later this year then the results could have been different. Anyhow, iPhone 5 wasn’t even included in the list but iPhone 4S was and it actually came second in the list. HTC One X came third while Nokia Lumia 800 and Sony Xperia S managed to take the fourth and fifth spot respectively. Nokia Lumia and iPhone 4S are quite older devices and if that competitor list included Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 then Samsung Galaxy S III wouldn’t have an easy road back home.

Where Samsung Galaxy S III was crowned as the best smartphone of the year Apple iPad 3 was crowned the best tablet of the year for 2012. While Google’s $199 ASUS Nexus 7 tablet grabbed the second spot because of its amazing quality, power, performance and price. The 7-inch Google Nexus 7 was one of those tablets who recognized itself within a week not just because of its cheap price tag but the performance that comes along with it. And as we all know Microsoft Surface Tablet is coming soon and other tablets are nearly making their way later this year, Apple’s supremacy in the tabloid world will surely be tested. Meanwhile, ASUS Transformer Prime received the third and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Sony Tablet S completed the award list by taking fourth and fifth place respectively.

The award ceremony didn’t finish here yet and it almost covered every aspect of the smartphone market with Samsung receives the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award, Galaxy Note received the award for ‘Most Innovative Device.’ Nokia Lumia was voted most for the best design, Sony Xperia U received the best value award while Nokia Lumia 800 was voted to have the best camera.


Source:   MobileChoice UK

LG to Unveil a Google Nexus Smartphone by the end of this Month

Google has finally opted LG to build its Nexus smartphone based on LG Optimus G. It is reported that the new Nexus smartphone will have the same specifications as the LG OPtimus G but it will be modified to be called as Nexus smartphone. LG who is struggling in smartphone market in the US, a Nexus smartphone is such a situation could be a reputation booster for LG. Nexus smartphones are known for sporting the latest version of Android and this time it could be Android 4.2.

The upcoming Nexus smartphone from LG to feature an 8 megapixel rear camera, 8 or 16 GB of internal storage and an SD card slot as well to increase the memory and a 1280 by 768 HD IPS Display. The Nexus smartphone will be powered by a Snapdragon quad core processor, 2GB of RAM and a non removable battery.

LG has been given the opportunity to build the Nexus line of smartphone after ASUS, Samsung and HTC that build Nexus 7 tablet, Galaxy Nexus and Google Nexus S, and the first Nexus device Google Nexus One respectively. While on the other hand LG has been given the opportunity for the first time to add their part as well to the Google’s Nexus program. All the Nexus devices have done so far pretty good in the market and if the new LG Nexus device carry on the success story then it could prove very helpful for LG in gaining the popularity and consumer’s trust.


Source:   CNet

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Nexus without Unlocking Bootloader

Rooting is probably one of the things that most of the Android users attempt in order to go beyond par with their smartphones. Rooting requires unlocking the bootloader of your device and there wasn’t any way to re-lock the bootloader back then. There’s another thing connected with the unlocking the bootloader thing, which is that unlocking the bootloader voids the manufacturer’s warranty that is actually the main reason that perhaps resists the users from rooting their smartphones.

But now if we say that you can root your device without unlocking the bootloader of your device then it will surely relieve you that finally you can gain superuser rights and that too without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. While this method is for recent Nexus smartphone, Galaxy Nexus that can be locked and unlocked anytime you want but surely there are some backdrops to rooting without unlocking the bootloader.

Still it’s above all where you can go a step forward and root your Galaxy Nexus without unlocking the bootloader. The method is almost the same like any other Samsung smartphones. First you’d have to download and copy some files and from there you will restore a fake backup. On running it you’ll end up in an emulator mode where you will need to enter some commands and that’ll be it. Check out this original thread for downloading links to the files that are required and the complete guide to root Galaxy Nexus without unlocking.


Source:   XDA Developers

Google’s Mobile Web Map app gets Street View for iOS and Android

If you are an Android or iOS user and likes to get along with the Google Maps app then you probably must have heard about the Street View feature before as Google have already updated its Maps app earlier this year to give it a unique feature called as Street View. With this certain feature you can actually visit places virtually that you have never been before and to watch those places on your mobile’s screen from a completely different angle is definitely an exciting sight to watch.

As you all know that Apple has dumped the Google Maps app in IOS 6 and their own 3D Maps app proved to be quite an embarrassment for the company and the consumers of iOS 6 or newly released iPhone 5 are quite frustrated by the stunt. But they can always open up their Safari browser and browse to maps.google.com and even can add a bookmark to appear on their home screen to use it just like an app but still you won’t get the feeling of actual intended app for sure. As it has been reported quite a few times that Google is working on an iOS 6 Maps app that will be released in coming weeks but here’s something different that Google added to its Web Maps service.

Google today added Street View to its Web based Mapping service for iOS and Android browsers. Now users can navigate to their favorite places in regions like North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and even some places in Antarctic using the browsers on their smartphones. This newly introduced feature to Mobile based Web browsers is really interesting and fun to explore, tapping on the street view opens up a complete new tab where you can smoothly swipe around places that you have never been or want to visit them. So if you’re using iOS 6 or iPhone 5 and still not been able to enjoy the Street View then here’s your opportunity to explore on a 4-inch retina display that will definitely blow your mind.

Microsoft invites you to the Celebrate Windows 8 on Oct 25 in New York

As it was rumored, Microsoft has finally announced that they will officially reveal the Windows 8 and its RT Tablets running on Windows 8 on October 25 in the New York City. The event is not going to be an hour or one and a half hour one but it will be of about 5 long hours starting from 10 am to 3 pm ET. Microsoft also announced Build Conference on Oct 30 in Redmond, which is the Company’s developer oriented conference, and a Windows Phone 8 event on Oct 29 in San Francisco. Here’s the invitation that was sent by Microsoft:

Microsoft announced, “[a]s we approach holiday season, we ask you to save October 29th on your calendar for some exciting Windows Phone 8 news. Look out for more details in the coming weeks.”

We also got to know that Microsoft will be opening more than 30 special holiday intended stores in the US and Canada on October 26, expecting that it will boost their sales somewhat. Stay with us to hear more from the event as its going to be an exciting last week of October.


Source:   ZDNet