Motorola Droid RAZR M to Receive Android Jelly Bean Update Soon

It seems like Google owned Motorola mobility was serious and meant everything the Company said that they would bring Jelly Bean updates very serious as the Motorola today announced on Twitter that the Jelly Bean update will reach out to users in phases, which means that it won’t be long for the Droid RAZR M users to finally see Jelly Bean running on their smart looking phone.

Motorola Droid RAZR M was launched two months ago by Motorola and it is really commendable that in just two month’s times Motorola has been able to bring the Jelly Bean update to its only two months old Smartphone. You can say Google has something to do with that but whatever it is, it should be appreciated and users should give credit to Motorola for bringing the Jelly Bean update and back them up doesn’t matter who is behind it, since it is quite welcoming for the tech community as well as the users of the Droid RAZR M. So stay connected to ApplenMicro to read more on it and don’t forget to keep checking for software updates.


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Apple iPad LTE Shipping Next Week, Confirms Apple

Apple released a smaller version of the iPad about a week ago and decided to first ship the Wi-Fi only versions. Although, Apple did show the LTE version while announcing it in late October at the company’s special event but didn’t mention the exact shipping dates of the LTE version. But now we do know, it appears that if somebody will order Wi-Fi + LTE version of the mini iPad then he will be getting it in the second week of November.

Apple has started writing and sending emails to its customers to share this good news. Apple has started informing their loyal customers that the LTE model of the iPad is now getting ready for the shipment with the initial shipment to reach the shelves by the end of next week. This will surely bring smile onto the faces of many customers who are planning to buy the LTE + Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini but Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the exact date or other shipping details so that customers could at least have an idea when the mini iPad will hit the shelves.

The Apple iPad mini comes with a 7.9-inch display with a 1024 by 768 resolution and specs similar to iPad 2 like an A5 chip, front and rear cameras and new additions like lightning connector and Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 6. The iPad mini Wi-Fi + LTE 16 model costs you around $459 while 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi + LTE is priced at $549 and $649.


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Refurbished Apple iPod Touch 4G Selling for $129 on Apple Online Store

Apple released fifth-gen iPod Touch with a 4-inch display almost a month ago that comes with the latest operating system iOS 6. As the fifth-gen iPod Touch hits the shelf, Apple also offers the fourth-gen refurbished iPod Touch for an unexpected price. The reduction in prices from Apple could have been because of the holiday season and could be part of a marketing strategy. But whatever it is, it will help many iPod Touch lovers and people who are looking for a device that could let them pass the time while on the go at a cheaper price.

The refurbished 8GB fourth-gen iPod Touch costs at a mere $129 while if you think 8GB is not enough space for you then you could always choose from the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB options that are priced at $199, $179 and $229 respectively. Along with such competitive price, you will also get a one year Apple standard warranty as well just to make sure that whatever the money you are spending worth it. Just a reminder, fourth-gen iPod Touch comes with an A4 process, retina display, FaceTime camera, iOS 5, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and much more.


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Download Angry Birds for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and OS X

Rovio showed us some of the screenshots and a preview video of the upcoming latest edition of the extremely popular Angry Birds franchise. But those of you eagerly waiting for it, then you can stop waiting as the new Angry Birds Star Wars is now officially released and available to download.

One of the good things about this newly released edition of Angry Birds that it has been simultaneously released for all the major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and OS X. This will definitely give a boost to Windows Phone 8 platform and will compliment the yet to release Nokia Lumia 920’s flawless screen.

Obviously, the idea behind the Angry Birds stays the same means that you will be seeing the flying birds in a happening galaxy far away. Angry Birds Star Wars contains more than 80 levels and all that in a detailed Star Wars Universe that has places like Tattooine and the Pig Star, quite funny names, isn’t it?

Rovio’s new mechanics engine that you must have seen before on the Angry Birds also powers the new Angry Birds Star Wars, which means the birds can improve the skills and can utilize those in order to pass the levels. Pretty similar to Rovio’s Bad Piggies, stars can be earned and then they can be used to take guidance from The Mighty Falcon on how to pass a certain level.

The graphics are just great and Rovio did everything they could to make those angry birds’ character look like the ones you have probably seen in Star Wars, which makes the game look even more fantastic. So get ready to experience a new Angry Birds flavor on your device that will blow away your minds.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone and iPod touch from Apple iTunes App Store

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for iPad from iTunes App Store

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Android from Google Play Store

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8 from Windows Phone App Store

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for OS X from Apple Mac App Store


Download Apple App Store for iOS | Apple App Store Updated for iOS, Supports Passbook, Gift Cards & Searching through Siri

Finally, the much anticipated official Apple Store app for iOS is updated, which makes it to the version 2.4. The new Apple Store app for iOS lets you send gift cards to your family, mates and co-workers directly from the app. These gift cards are also compatible with the newly introduced feature in iOS 6, Passbook. Though the gift cards feature currently supports for the users in theUSfor now and soon will be rolled out to other countries as well.

The new Apple Store app also allows you to search and shopping for products on the Apple Store via voice recognition app, Siri. Like if you’ll ask ‘what is the price of the iPad mini?’ Siri will take you directly to the section where you could find the price of the iPad mini.


Apart from these two updates, the update also brings the easy pay feature to countries like Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. While the US and UK version was already enjoying the easy pay feature since day one. New methods for payment have also been introduced to the Chinese market.

The iTunes release notes do claim that the Passbook compatible gift cards are available in the US, however the app seems to show a different side. Apparently, the gift cards feature isn’t live yet. This could be because of a server glitch or something else but not sure what exactly it is and why the feature isn’t working. Though, we are sure Apple must have been working on it and it will soon be fixed.

Download Apple Store app for iOS for iTunes App Store

Walmart will be Offering Apple iPad 2 at a Price Less than iPad 2 as a Black Friday Deal

The holiday season is approaching quite fast and it is a time that many tech lovers wait for to buy their favorite gadgets at the lowest possible price. Just like all the retailers in the US, Walmart will be starting their Black Friday reduced price sale at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day, which will be on Thursday November 22. Unexpectedly, Walmart did an amazing thing for the consumers by letting them know what they should expect at the Thanksgiving sale while in the past consumers had to rely on the rumors get to hear and eventually find out the exact deal on the day.

Apple recently launched iPad 4 and iPad mini, so most users would like to get their hands on the new releases and would rather hope they will find a reduced price for those two products. Though, there isn’t any news if any retailer will be selling it for less but what we do have is that Walmart will be selling the second-Gen iPad for a price less than the newly launched iPad mini. Although, iPad 2 is a pretty old device but at a price of $399 with a $75 gift card that will make it to $324 isn’t bad at all. So if you are looking for a reduced deal on an Apple product and won’t mind being a couple of steps behind, then so far it’s the best deal you could find.

Download Official Twitter App for Windows Phone | Official Twitter App is now Updated with Support for Windows Phone 8

Twitter recently updated its app for Windows Phone that also now supports the new Windows Phone 8. There are many other unofficial Twitter apps available that offers variety of features across all platforms, which that created a fierce competition among the Twitter and other unof What Do You Do To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back ficial developers. It’s good to see Twitter trying to keep its mobile users updated and make them stick to the official version.

The update brings the official Twitter app to a version 1.3.4692, which is obviously different in that we have observed on Windows Phone 7, but yet the update doesn’t show any new features or new stuff. The update mainly deals with the compatibility with Windows Phone 8, bug fixes and looks. To conclude, the updated Twitter app is a lot smoother than it was and now looks more elegant and stylish.

Download Twitter for Windows Phone

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Microsoft to Confirmed Windows Live Messenger Retirement & Integration with Skype

Microsoft was working in the past to replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype. While the result has finally showed up, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows Live Messenger service will no longer remain active by early next year and will be integrated into Skype. It seems like Microsoft has been working on it behind the scenes on integration with Skype and finding a way to shift a huge amount of Live Messenger users on to Skype. To be precise, Microsoft will integrate more than 100 million Windows Live users to Skype before actually retiring the Windows Live Messenger service.

The official statement came from Skype’s Tony Bates, he said, “We will retire Messenger in all countries worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 (with the exception of mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available),” Microsoft is currently encouraging the users to install the latest version of Skype that supports Microsoft accounts as well. That’s the part where users can integrate their Windows Live account and Skype account into a single entity, named as Microsoft account. However, Skype has also said that they will help the users in coming months to smoothly transition over from Windows Live Messenger.


Source:   TheVerge

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display to Arrive Next Year, Says Report

Apple released iPad mini a couple of days ago and we are already listening about the rumors of its successor. Apple iPad mini is quite similar to iPad 2 except the screen size and the new lightning connector that featured in iPhone 5, so if somebody will call a smaller iPad 2 to iPad mini then he shouldn’t be wrong. Even the specs of iPad mini are pretty similar to the iPad 2.

One of the major drawbacks of iPad mini was that it lacks the high quality display technology of Apple, which is also known as Retina display. That gave the tech community and tech lovers a shocking surprise when they got to know about it. The current iPad mini lacks a crisp display and with other tablets providing better resolution at a much lower price, people may get over the current version of iPad mini soon.

Looks like the signs of getting over it are already showing up within a week of its launch. According to a report, Apple is now preparing for another version of iPad mini but this time it will be with the Retina display with better pixel density and screen resolution. Parts are expected to arrive in the second half of next year so we probably should expect iPad mini 2 in Q4 next year.


Source:   DoNews

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android to Release Early Next Year, Sources

Microsoft Office is one of the few types of software that is not yet available on major mobile platforms like iOS and Android and users have been requesting all day long to develop one for them. Since the entry of tablet PCs like the Nexus 7, Kindle HD and recently added to that list iPad mini, the need of such a business portal is increased as many business representatives likes to have a tablet because it’s lighter in weight and offers great compatibility.

Now finally, some reliable sources close to the matter claims that Microsoft is planning to launch the Office app for iOS and Android and it seems like Microsoft too will release the app first for iOS and then later on the app will hit Play Store. The Office will probably include Word, Excel and PowerPoint and who knows what more. You will be needed to have a Microsoft account in order to use the Microsoft Office on your iOS or Android running device while editing them would be required an Office 365 subscription.

The app will allow you to do the basic editing stuff and viewing them and sources also claim that it won’t have all the editing features because the Company isn’t planning to replace the Office version for desktop. According to sources, the Microsoft Office Mobile will release in March next year for iOS and Android. While one of the Microsoft spokesperson also confirmed the availability of Office Mobile on mobile platforms and said, “Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.”


Source:   The Verge