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RIM Offers Free Voice Calls with BBM over Wi-Fi

Joy for BlackBerry users, Research In Motion announced that they are adding a new feature to its BlackBerry Messenger, popularly known as BBM. The new feature will allow the users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi using the BBM

Android now holds 75 Percent share in Mobile OS Market Share, IDC

Recent stats report from International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Google Android mobile operating system currently holds 75 percent share of the smartphone operating system market in the third quarter. Another interesting thing that showed up in the IDC stats

Android and Blackberry Provides Better SMS Security than Apple iOS

Pod2g recently discovered a flaw in Apple’s mobile operating system that can allow any user with bad intentions to spoof the reply-to number in an SMS. Using this vulnerability of iOS, a person can pretend to be using a completely

RIM to Launch a new 4G PlayBook Next Week

  Research In Motion have decided to launch its all new line 4G Blackberry PlayBook next week in Canada. The 7-inch updated tablet will have a 4G connectivity and 32 GB of storage but the price and exact date of

New York Times app dumps Blackberry users

RIM, makers of Blackberry, which are already facing some real challenges economically has now received another blow. The New York Times app has decided to pull their app for the Blackberry giving out the reason that the use of their

Research In Motion, makers of Blackberry loses patent suit

Blackberry makers Research In Motion that is already struggling with the decline in the sales of the Blackberry Smartphones has now another problem to deal with. RIM Ltd has lost a patent suit filed by Mformation Technologies Inc that worth

Blackberry 10 to Arrive in January, no More Delays says RIM

Blackberry 10 smartphones will hit in January globally says Research in Motion Ltd and hoping that it would help them regain their pride. Blackberry has lost a considerable amount of market share and blackberry users have opted for either an

Download Euro Cup Theme For BlackBerry

Are you a football fan and own a Blackberry device? You can download this amazing Euro Cup Theme for BlackBerry from App World for just $1.99. You will also get a free GOAAAL! ringtone and your country free wallpaper to

The New Blackberry won’t have a Physical keyboard, says RIM

BlackBerry will have its first device with Research in Motion’s new software will only have the touch screen and there will be no physical keyboard which was quite the trademark of Blackberry smartphones since its launch. Research in Motion Ltd.

Download Pacemaker For BlackBerry PlayBook

Do you have DJ skills in yourself and own a BlackBerry PlayBook? Download this amazing app called “Pacemaker” and start mixing and making your own remixes, you will love automatic beat matching, effects and loops. You can have unlimited creative