HTC Unveils One with High-End Specs

Two days ago, HTC announced its next flagship smartphone named as HTC One, which will hit the shelves in March. The new HTC One could be called the successor of its One series that was released last year though HTC didn’t talk much about it and announced it as a whole new smartphone from the company with no inspirations taken from HTC One X, at least not in the case of its name. Talking about the phone, the smartphone is an amazing and stylish good looking phone that is made of aluminum and has a 4.7-inch HD display with 1080p resolution and a pixel density of 468, which is like the sharpest display that one has never ever witnessed. The smartphone will sport a 1.7-GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and will be available in either 32 GB or 64GB internal storage. Having said that, it’s out of the world display is not the only thing that sets apart the HTC One from its rivals.

To start with, HTC One will have an HTC Boom Sound that means that the smartphone will have two dual front-facing speakers. HTC also made some noticing changes to its UltraPixels Camera that will now capture even better images than it used to in low light situations. The Taiwanese company also added that they have added the HTC Zoe feature that will capture a flurry of pictures and then it will combine together to create a three second snippet that is pretty similar to GIF files. HTC has also added an infrared sensor in its power button that can be used as a remote controller for TV, if needed. Obviously the phone will run on the Android Jelly Bean. This high-end smartphone will come in black or silver colors and will hit the shelves in late March.


Source:  LA Times

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