Facebook adds Voice Messaging and Free Calls to Facebook Messenger App

Facebook rolled out an update to its iOS and Android Facebook Messenger app yesterday night. The update adds a new feature that allows the users to record messages and send down to their Facebook friends. Users who have already updated to the latest version of Facebook Messenger app on either their iOS or Android powered device should now see a ‘Record’ option inside the ‘+’ button that is just next to the box where you type your text. To send a voice message, all you need to do is to tap the ‘Record’ button first and then hold down the button to record your message.

If you are driving and want to reply to something important, then this particular feature can be a life saver because all you need to do is to hold the record button and say while you are driving. It is also useful when you want to avoid typing those lengthy and messy instructions when they can be more expressive vocally. Facebook said, “When you’re ready to send [the voice recording], just release the button.” Apart from making your own life easier via this new feature, this voice messaging feature has a lot to cheer and can be used for many purposes. Although the voicemail service is quite old technology but still the service is pretty useful and effective at times. Facebook added, “This feature is perfect for when you’ve got more to say.” So definitely this feature is going to improve user experience, for sure.

The voice messaging update reaches out to everywhere in the world while Canada gets a special update that along with the voice messaging service, which is ‘Free Calling service’ to Facebook users using Facebook Messenger app. After updating the app, Canadian Facebook Messenger users can make free calls by tapping the ‘i’ button on the top right hand corner and then the ‘Free Call’ button inside.

Facebook looks pretty determined to establish Facebook Messenger as not only just a Messaging service but something more. The update is just another step towards expanding the Facebook Messenger app and pull users from other rival services like hugely popular Whatsapp.


Source:   CNet

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