Sony’s ‘Destination PlayStation’ Event Hints at a Possible PlayStation 4 Launch

Sony recently confirmed the PlayStation event which is called as ‘Destination PlayStation’ by sending out the invitation to media, press, retail executives and others. Sony promises the event to have something for more the game loving public and primarily the event is expected to show off some games and the attendees will be treated with food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013.” And since Sony confirmed the event, a report came up that said that Sony might reveal the PlayStation 4 console at the event as well.

Sony’s ‘Destination PlayStation’ event will start at 25th February 2013 and will last four days to end on February 28th in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event will be packed with so much happening and gaming stuff that one could handle. Though it is still unclear if Sony is going to take the curtains off of the PlayStation 4 or not as Sony haven’t talked about it.

If Sony is about to reveal PlayStation 4 then it will compete against Xbox 360, which is currently enjoying the success. However, even if Sony PlayStation 4 gets past the Xbox 360 then Microsoft is also prepping up the Xbox 720 for this year which will then go against the PlayStation 4 and probably it will again be the Xbox on the winning side unless Sony comes with something real amazing. As for now, Sony has already stopped the PlayStation 2 production in Japan, so from this step you can get an idea that either Sony is putting all his concentration on PlayStation 3 or a next-gen console is on its way.


Source:   Slashgear

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