Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature S Pen and Release in April, Says Report

It is widely speculated that Samsung will launch a successor of Galaxy S III on April 2013 and might as well feature the revolutionary S Pen from Galaxy Note series that is a perhaps the main reason that made Galaxy Note what it is right now. However in a recent published report those speculations indicating towards the addition of the S Pen seems to be supported in this report. The report came from South Korea, homeland of Samsung that basically put a closer look at the upcoming Android beast’s specs. According to a report, a Samsung Galaxy S IV will sport a 5-inch HD Display powered by quad-core Exynos 5440 chip, 13 megapixel camera, running on Android 5.0 and last but not the least S Pen.

Although it has been widely speculated that Galaxy S IV will have ARM’s chip with Samsung A7 for browsing and texting stuff while A15 will take care of multitasking and other memory targeted tasks like gaming but it appears as if the device will feature Exynos chipset. More interestingly, as the report suggests, Samsung is planning to add the infamous S Pen to Galaxy S IV that has been solely linked with the hybrid between smartphone and tablet called as Galaxy Note.

The idea of adding the S Pen is the topic of discussion on many forums on the Internet. Many people claims that the idea of adding the S Pen to the Galaxy S series may prove meaningful and could be well received by many while others say that S Pen in the Galaxy Series might have a bad impact on the product itself alone as S Pen has always been linked with the Note and adding S Pen to the Galaxy S IV might also affect the sales of Galaxy Note as well and they believe instead of adding S Pen, Samsung should look to introduce something different just like S Pen which became one of the reason for success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.


Source:   PhoneArena

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