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When you talk about smartphones these days, more than the design, an individual looking for the features and operating system running on the Smartphone. If we talk about the operating system, recently released Windows Phone 8 has been the center of talks. Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 attracted the tech community and received well deserved praise for their work. Having said that, there are still a lot of improvements that needed to be made, for instance inclusion of a notification bar or a notification center is what Microsoft is going to call it. Before the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.8 a watered-down edition of Windows Phone 8 and one of the plus points of the older version is that on most occasions it is a lot more customizable and that is meaningfully because of the Notification app to add a Notification Center feature for Windows Phone 7.x.


That raises a serious question that if Windows Phone 7.x gets the notification center app or an update you can say then why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t already have Notification Center thing as a default. The Redmond based company confessed that they ran out of time while developing and hence they left out the Notification Center feature for Windows Phone 8. Though the developers are currently working on to bring the Notification Center for all Windows Phone devices, so in the near future there should be a release of Notification Center app for Windows Phone 8. Though it is still uncertain if the Notification Center app will work on Windows Phone 7.8 but still you can always try out the free trial before splashing out you heard earned money. To install the Notifications on your Windows Phone 7.x, you need to install a companion app called Notification Centre which you can download from here. Once done with the installation, sync it with the Zune and then your Windows Phone will restart and after that Notifications should be up and running. As earlier stated, there is a free trial of the app available while the complete version of the app costs $2.99.


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