Apple and Intel are working on iWatch to Release in 2013, Says Report

According to Chinese blog, Apple is currently working on a touch screen wrist watch. Another exciting thing is that Intel is also working with Apple to develop a wristwatch having a 1.5-inch OLED screen with Indium tin oxide coated glass, Bluetooth 4.0 and will be running on a version of iOS. The wrist watch, like other Apple products, will be called as iWatch. A Chinese blog that cited Apple’s ever trusting supply chain sources, claimed that Intel and Apple are both collaborating on an iWatch that will probably use Bluetooth to connect with other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.

This is something that does make sense especially when Google is all set to release Google Glass, which is a headset with screen. Moreover, the idea is nothing new behind the iWatch as Sony came up first with LiveView and then later came up with smart watch, a successor of LiveView that can be connected with any Android device and then you can get updates on your watch and even you can check the Facebook News Feed or any RSS feed you have subscribed to. So most probably it will do the same thing as Sony’s Smart watch does for Android Smartphones, however Apple has the history of making some cool devices and no hard feelings, Apple will definitely come up again with some new and cool stuff to outclass any other smart watches that will come into that category.


Source:    9T05 Mac

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