Samsung is planning to Ship Half a Billion Smartphones in 2013

Samsung is looking to outnumber the huge sales record that they have posted in the current year 2012 by shipping more than half a billion phones in 2013. To be exact, Samsung is thinking about shipping 510 million phones in the coming year, which will be 20 percent, more over 410 million phones that Samsung shipped in 2012, says a report. Though it is expected that those 510 million phones will be divided into 390 million Smartphones and 120 million feature phones, published in a report in the Korea Times that claims to have heard from the sources close to Samsung and suppliers. That will be quite an achievement for Samsung if they will manage to do so and manufacture and supply such a huge number of smartphones all around the globe, looks like Samsung wants to overtake Nokia as the top mobile phone brand in the world as soon as possible. Recent mobile phone market statistics show that for the year 2012 Samsung has the 29 percent share in the global mobile phone market leaving behind Nokia for the first time in 14 years that has 24 percent global mobile phone market share.

Samsung is currently enjoying huge success with its Android powered Galaxy series of smartphones where a consumer can find a smartphone to its liking as the Galaxy series have several kinds of smartphones that suits almost everybody. If you need an Android Beast, Galaxy S III is there for you, if you need a mid range smartphone then you have Galaxy Nexus or maybe Galaxy S II and don’t worry if you are looking for a budget Android smartphone as Samsung got you covered with its Galaxy y and Galaxy mini. Samsung’s 2012 highlight was Galaxy S III and probably next year it would turn out to be Galaxy SIV, who knows. Apart from an Android powered Smartphones, Samsung also has some Windows Phone 8 devices lined up for 2013 as well so that might also help boosting the sales for Samsung for the year 2013.


Source:   LA Times

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