Apple iPad 5 to Release in March 2013, Rumor

As the 2012 is about to end, the rumor mill is already heating up for the devices that are to be released next year. Though the rumor is yet again about another Apple idevice and this time its iPad 5. Another iPad? Yes, that’s what everyone is asking themselves and especially the owners who recently bought the iPad 4 or maybe the ones heading today for Christmas to buy an iPad 4 for themselves.

According to Japanese Blog Macotakara, Apple iPad 5 will have some similarities in shape with the recently released iPad mini and will be a lot thinner and lighter than the current version of the iPad i.e. iPad 4. To be precise, the new iPad will be 2 millimeters thinner and 17 millimeters narrower that its predecessor, which means if the report is true, then the upcoming iPad will be nearly equal to the thinness of the iPad mini. The blog also claims that Apple will add another color to the device apart from the conventional Black and White and that will be silver. The report also suggests that an iPad mini with retina display is also going to be revealed along with the iPad 5 in March next year.

If all the reports were true about the iPad 5 releasing in March then it will shorten an already shortened iPad life cycle. Apple released iPad 4 in October, just 8 months after the release of iPad 3 and as the report suggests, iPad 5 could release in just after the 5 months of its predecessor’s release. Apple didn’t make any noticeable changes to iPad 4 apart from the lightning dock connector, A6 chip, FaceTime HD camera and LTE connectivity. It will be interesting to see what Apple has in its bag for the fifth generation of the iPad and if the reports were true then you wouldn’t be needed to wait too long to find out.


Source:  CNet

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