How to Root Nexus 10 on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux

Google recently revealed two new nexus devices, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. However each one of them is pretty different from each other and both lie in a different category. Nexus 4 co-branded by LG is a quad core smartphone whereas on the other hand Nexus 10 is a tablet that is manufactured by Samsung. Both new devices are powered by the latest version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and is available at a very affordable price. It’s been hardly two weeks or so since the release and we already have the rooting method for both devices.

Hats of to our capable developer community and especially XDA Senior Member zedomax who has released number videos on YouTube as a tutorial for rooting specifically these two devices. There are multiple videos that will guide you in the rooting process from beginning to the end, depending on the operating system you are using. All the three major OS supports the rooting process and those are none other than Windows, Mac and Linux. If video doesn’t suit you, though there is no reason but still just in case if you are not good with videos then you can also try the rooting tutorial with step by step images.

This is not the only thing that opens up a variety of opportunities, there’s a single .zip file that has all the files that you will need during the rooting process that means it doesn’t matter which OS you have, you will eventually have all the needed files in a single compressed folder. The developer zedomax has also written a short FAQ for those who experience bootloops after unlocking the bootloader but so far there hasn’t been any major problems reported by any user who has attempted it. Check out this original thread for download links, tutorial guide and FAQ.


Source:   XDA Developers

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