Xbox 720 to Feature a Blu-ray Drive, Kinect 2.0 & More, Says Report

Microsoft is ready to take the gaming console to a new level and the new generation of Xbox that will probably be named as Xbox 720 will have at least a new version of Kinect, Blu-ray drive and an A/V port for watching and recording broadcast TV, according to a recent report. This isn’t the first time a report has come up to claim some of the expected specs of the upcoming Xbox 720.

According to a report, Xbox 720 will feature Kinect 2.0 that will have a much higher level of accuracy than the current version of Kinect and it will also be equipped with stereo imaging, better voice recognition and a sensor that can track up to 5 players at a time. A Blu-ray drive will also make its way to the Xbox 720 though this is a rumor we have heard several times but this time it looks a little bit more close to the reality as we gets closer to the Xbox 720.

These are some of the rumors that were reported recently however, that’s not it and there are other rumors as well that we have heard as well. There are rumors that the new Xbox 720 console will also feature an input output for watching and recording from TV and an innovative controller that comes with an HD touchscreen positioned in the centre with traditional analog sticks and buttons on either side of the controller. As far as specs are concerned, the new Xbox might come with a CPU that will have four hardware cores that will be divided into four logical cores with a hefty 8GB RAM, which will be enough to play games for several years to come.


Source:   CNet

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