How Many Days After I Told My Ex Girlfriend

Hardware that comes with the smartphones these day How Many Days After I Told My Ex Girlfriend s is quite amazing, so amazing that even the most powerful battery doesn’t seems to fulfill the needs of an average user. That’s obvious, the more powerful the hardware the more power it will require from the battery. Unlike the progress in hardware that powers the smartphone, no such progress has been made in increasing the battery power or improving the technology of battery. And just because of that, today the battery life of any high-end smartphone is a major worry for smartphone users. High-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S III doesn’t even last a day on an average use and about which most of the Galaxy S III owners complain about.

Although you can always buy a much more powerful battery than the one comes originally with the smartphone but sometimes it does a fair amount of damage to your smartphone as well so in some cases it is not recommended. While the other thing that you can do is add some tweaks to save the battery and make it last longer than before. Here’s a simple guide from XDA Forum Moderator Woodrube that can help you yield 20 plus hours of battery life on a single charge on your Galaxy S III. The method consists of different methods and tricks from memory management tips to ROM/kernel related tricks that could help you bring out the most out of your battery. The methods and tricks are basically intended for Galaxy S III while some of them can also be used to improve the battery life of other smartphones as well.


Source:   XDA Developers

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