Android Jelly Bean Leaked for HTC One X

HTC announced earlier this week that they will be rolling out the Jelly Updates to its One series of smartphones that includes One X. Though the exact date wasn’t announced for the release of the Jelly Bean update but as mentioned earlier that it will announce in October. Though the exact date is still unknown but now we have the leaked Jelly Bean OTA for HTC One X.

The Jelly Bean is indeed leaked but due to an issue with updating HBoot with S-On the leaked Jelly Bean ROM is only available for developers only for now. Since its release, several developers have tested it out and reported that there are indeed number of things that aren’t working properly including the data packet and cell signal. Though it still is something to cheer about for the normal users as the leaked Jelly Bean version is finally available and it won’t take much longer for our capable developers to release a rather stable version. So don’t be impatient, if you are desperately waiting for the Jelly bean update to hit your HTC device then probably patience is all you need and if there will be any release of the Jelly Bean ROM for your device then we will surely guide you to it so stay tuned to ApplenMicro for more.


Source:  XDA Developers

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