Download Custom Skin for HTC Devices Running Sense 4.0

HTC has itself has a very good skins and themes available at its online market that is accessible via an HTC device but obviously not everybody likes the range of skins and themes available in there. So if you don’t like the HTC skin on your devices and want to experience some custom skins without switching to any other launcher, then you are at the right place. If you have an HTC device that has Sense 4.0 UI then the custom skins have just arrived for you.


All of you who have been expecting the custom themes for Sense 4.0 should thank XDA Senior Member cypis has finally succeeded in finding an image format for Sense 4.0 to make those new custom skins. One of the first skin is named as Virtuous Immersion for HTC Sense 4.0 running devices, that came up after the all the efforts made by the developer. This new skin has Sense Launcher, Sense apps and Sense lockscreen and this custom skin should work perfectly on any device running on Sense 4.0 on any ROM, Stock or any other Sense 4.0 based custom ROMs. Check out this thread for download links and other necessary information about installing the custom skin on your HTC device running Sense 4.0.


Source:   XDA Developers

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