Now Flash, Mod,Backup and Restore Your Android Device from PC

People mostly find themselves flashing ROMs on their smartphones and tablets running on Google Android quite often, but many of them also wish if there was a way that could have given them the ease of using their PC while flashing. Editing the ROM on your PC before flashing it actually on your PC, remove the unnecessary apps and adding the additional ones that you need, flashing individual partitions on your smartphone or a tablet using a GUI from your PC, without inserting the fastboot commands and modifying the /system partition of your smartphone to add or remove the system apps from a GUI on your computer are the things that you wish to do before actually flashing the ROM on your Android device using your PC. Well now one app is available that will do all that for you and that is UniFlash.

Well this app will create things like flashing the ROM, editing and removing apps from the ROM, flashing partitions, editing system files and restore backups a lot easier and safer than it was before. A handy tool that was much needed and comes with a graphical UI that makes the chore a lot easier for beginners and for the pros as well. Though this app is still new and obviously there may be some flaws in it but the development is ongoing and hope that it will make flawless in coming time. Check out this app thread for download links and other instructions regarding the app.


Source:   XDA Developers

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