How to give Samsung Galaxy S III Look to your HTC One X

This year was kind of epic in the Smartphone arena as two smartphone manufacturer giants came head to head when HTC launched its Android based smartphone series that is known as ONE series and one of its smartphones, HTC One X, was one of the best amongst them. Then after a few weeks, Samsung jumped into the battle and released its Galaxy S III it showed up as a perfect competitor for the One X as it had almost the same specs as One X but yeah obviously there were same major differences in those two.

That includes the UI, undoubtedly HTC has the better of Samsung in that department as HTC ‘Sense,’ that’s what HTC call their UI, provides users to be in more control than any of its competitors offer. On the Other hand there is ‘TouchWiz UI’ that Samsung smartphones feature, which is also quite good and allows users to customize and deal with the smartphone just like they want. So it completely depends on the individual, though XDA Forum Member Ppain have ported the Samsung Galaxy S III Launcher to One X. This is good news for all the Touch Wiz admirers who likes to experience it on their HTC One X. The launcher has so far reported to have worked just fine and works with everything from AOSP to Stock though support for the Jelly Bean is not yet available. You can check out this thread for download links and other basic information about it.


Source:  XDA Developers

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