How to Root Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 Global and other Droids using Exploit

For obvious reasons, finding a method to obtain superuser rights on your old Android device or root your ageing Android device, in easy words, is sometimes more of an adventure on Google or any search engine you prefer. The reason behind this is not that your device is not good, as you must have heard, ‘Old is Gold,’ but apart from jokes the reason that you might find it difficult to find a root method for your ageing Android phone is that the developers might have left developing for your device and now developing for the latest ones or a better one. Though still after that, Most Droid phones can be rooted using ‘exploit’ that works with most of the smartphones of all variants that comes under the Droid series.

Though the exploit method was found by phifc at RootzWiki and then posted by the XDA Forum Member bhigham in the form of a LiveCD. The method is quite simple to root Droid device, users are just required to download the ISO file then burn it on a CD and then boot from the CD. And then finally, you need to go into the bootloader of your device, flash the exploit and that should start rooting process. So it’s a straight forward method and you just simply can’t get a better and simplest method to root your ageing Droid smartphone than this one. This method works on quite few devices and versions of Android, that is how the developer explains it, “This CD is for the D2, R2D2, D2G, and DX on Android version 2.3.4, and the DX2 on 2.3.5.” So if you are lucky enough to find yourself in that list then you probably should give it a try. Check out the Droid X thread and Droid 2 Global thread for more information.


Source:   XDA Developer

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