Motorola Released Bootloader Unlocking Tool

Unlocking the bootloader of any Motorola device has been the main problem for the developers. Motorola has locked all of their latest devices and even released updates for the older ones to lock the bootloaders of them as well. This has been a major problem in the development for Motorola devices. Recently Google acquired Motorola Mobility and the developers started to think that now maybe Google would help them out and the users of Motorola devices.

And my word, Google didn’t let them down, and just within two months of acquisition Motorola released a bootloader unlocking tool just like the HTCDev. Users will be required to install the Android SDK and Motorola Drivers then all they need to do is signing into the MOTODev website and the rest is pretty similar to that of HTCDev. After signing in to the MOTODev website you will be needed to submit your Device ID, request for an unlock token and after getting it, just simply unlock your device. This is indeed good news for all the Motorola users that have been waiting for their devices to get unlocked.

But as this unlocking tool is still new so it is not yet compatible with all the devices but I am sure as the time goes on, other devices will also get its name in the devices list. Though right now Droid RAZR, Verizon and Wi-Fi Xoom and Sprint Motorola Photon Q are compatible with the MOTODev.


Source:   XDA Developers

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