How to Enable NFC on Samsung Galaxy S II Variants

          If you have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S II variant that was shipped with NFC and you are currently using the custom Jelly Bean ROM then you probably might have found out that the NFC isn’t enabled. With some of the developments being made on the ROM, we finally now have a method to enable NFC on your custom Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy S II.

There’s a quite simple method of enabling it and all it requires is a rooted Galaxy S II variant running on any custom Jelly Bean ROM and most importantly that your smartphone comes with an NFC hardware. So if your device doesn’t have the NFC hardware then you’re probably shouldn’t waste your time modding. This method has been so far confirmed to be working on the AT&T galaxy SII (SGH-I777) and South Korean KT’s Galaxy S II (SHW-M250K), though these are just some confirmed devices to have been successfully modded but any variant should work fine after the mod if that device does have the NFC hardware. That’s how the developer itself explained:


Devices Confirmed Working On:
.IDK you tell me!

Devices this should work on:

i9100 = NO

i9100P = YES (it’s an i9100 exactly, but with NFC. ROMs for i9100 will work, but need to be modified to show NFC settings, otherwise no NFC options will show)

i9100G = NO, it’s completely different from the i9100 hardware (TI-OMAP instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100/P don’t work.

T989 (T-Mobile GS2) = YES, but it’s completely different from the i9100 hardware (Snapdragon S3 instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100/P don’t work.

i777 (AT&T GS2) = YES* , stock ROMs disable it. ROMs from i9100 work because they’re the same phone (it’s really an i9100P because it has NFC) but you need to modify button layout or the buttons won’t work in the ROM.

D710 (Sprint GS2) = NO

If you are ready to give it a try then check out this thread for download links and guide to mod.


Source:  XDA Developers

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