Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 gets an unofficial Android Jelly Bean update


Samsung Galaxy Note owners are quite unlucky that they haven’t yet tasted the Android’s latest version Jelly Bean considering an impressive hardware the phablet has. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any other reason to have it given the number of talented developers we have. And thanks to them we now have an unofficial Android Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Note N7000. An official CyanogenMod10 has previously been released for the Galaxy Note couple of weeks earlier. And this Jelly Bean update is somewhat a combination of CyanogenMod10 and Nightlie, though it still is not ready for daily use as certain bugs are still present but the developers are working on it to fix it and make it available for daily use.

The Jelly Bean ROM is still not ready but development is going on a fair amount of pace and soon to be ready for daily use. If you still want to have a taste of Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Note then head over to this thread.


Source:   XDA Developers

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