Samsung Releases Kernel Source for Galaxy Note 10.1 even before its Release

Yesterday we gave you a quick look at the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1. And now Samsung has released the kernel source for the stylus-enabled tablet, Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung is doing fairly good in that department and maintaining a good history by actually releasing the kernel source several weeks before the device is actually released. We have witnessed that act from Samsung in the past when they were releasing the Galaxy S III where they released the kernel source couple of weeks before the launch.

Releasing the kernel source before the launch actually gives an edge to developers so that they could start developing the apps and other added features for the users. So when users will get their hands on the device they wouldn’t need to wait any longer for the developments for the device. Though the source code released today is only for the Korean models but developers will surely find a way to get source code for other models as well as at least now they have something to work with. You can download the kernel source from here.


Source:  XDA Developers

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