Toolkit Released for HTC Wildfire S

Toolkits have now become a pretty handy and much needed tool for any smartphone. We have witnessed toolkits for several HTC and Samsung smartphones in the past and this one’s not new. A toolkit has just been released for another HTC device and this time its Wildfire S. Just a reminder what toolkits are; it’s a set of tools that allows users to further customize their smartphones and not look for different tools someplace else. Like if you want to root your phone or flash kernels or install a recovery, you can take help of this toolkit and not need to look for different methods somewhere else as it provides you all the tools under the one Umbrella.

This Toolkit comes for HTC that has everything that you need in order to customize your smartphone. This is actually all in one HTC Toolkit that has previously been released for other HTC devices. People who are not familiar with the features that toolkits offer then here’s a set of features that this particular toolkit for Wildfire S offers:

-Install HTC Drivers
– Get Token ID.
– Unlock Bootloader (Must place Unlock_code.bin in the folder)
– Install Recoveries
User Provided Recovery
-Flash Kernels provided
User Provided Kernel
– Link to the FAQ thread
– Link to the Amaze Development thread
– Boot Into Recovery
– Boot into Bootloader
Relock Bootloader (must be in fastboot)
– APK Batch Installer (Credits to hamsteyr)

Check out this thread for download links and other information.


Source:   XDA Developers

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