How to Increase Your Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Life

When Samsung Galaxy S III launched, one of the main features that Samsung highlighted was its performance, an unbeatable performance and crisp display. But what happens when you don’t get to experience that amazing performance that Samsung talked about for some amount of time in a day? You probably get aggravated or maybe disappointed that even after spending some big bucks on the smartphone and still you don’t get enough time to explore your device in a day. Yes Samsung Galaxy S III has got some problem with the battery life and the reason behind that are its brightness settings that it has as a default.

Though by changing those settings you may well be able to extend the battery life easily. To do so you just need to follow some simple steps. To begin you need to have your International Galaxy S III rooted, ClockWordMod Recovery and the necessary files required to begin with. First you need to download the brightness fix Mod that suits you. There are two mods one is best screen brightness fix that gives the highest brightness levels without affecting the battery life while the other one is screen saver brightness fix that gives mid low brightness. Then go into the recovery mod and flash the .zip file you want to flash. And reboot to experience a perfect bright screen without affecting the battery life. Though if you don’t like the fix then you always can restore back to default screen settings. For all the download links and other information check out this thread.


Source:   XDA Developers

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