Official Bootloader Unlocking Tool Released for ASUS Transformer TF700T

ASUS has officially released the bootloader for its recently launched tablet Transformer TF700T. ASUS Transformer launched recently and probably the newest entry in the tablet market, running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the sleek and shinier body having an impressive hardware tool that can match any other tablet’s performance, that would attract you to it. You can say ASUS was forced to release the bootloader unlocking tool for the Transformer after regular stress, petitions and bashing from the developer’s community to release one for the Prime but as a result of that constant stress ASUS have released the bootloader unlocking tool.

If we see the bootloader unlocking tool thoroughly it is more like the HTC’s dev unlock one but it has less limitations on the kind of unlocking it provides. Though just like any other manufacturer voids the warranty on unlocking the bootloader, ASUS lies in the same category as well and voids warranty on unlocking the bootloader. This might not excite normal users but for the developers the release of the tool to unlock the toolbar is quite welcoming and because of that now you can flash custom ROM on your tablet.

One thing you need to be sure about while unlocking the bootloader that your Transformer is running on ICS. The reason behind that is ASUS has promised that it will release an Android Jelly Bean update and for now it’s not quite sure that this bootloader unlocking tool will work with Jelly Bean running devices or not. Need some more information and steps to unlock the bootloader of your device using the tool released by ASUS? If yes, then check out this thread.


Source:   XDA Developers

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