A Toolkit for all Android devices by AndroPlatina Utilities

Toolkits, Toolkits and Toolkits that’s what you have been reading for the past couple of days. With Toolkits been released for almost every newly launched device, it seems like there will be Toolkits for all the rest of the devices. But now, it might not need to happen, as AndroPlatina is aiming to bring a Toolkit that will be able to support all Android devices. The Toolkit is obviously new so it has very less features as compared to other individual Toolkits for other devices. The features that include in the Toolkit now are:

1. Recovery Flasher
2. Any device unrooter
3. Bootanimation changer

As I already stated that this list may seem to be quite short but keep in mind it’s a Toolkit that is compatible with most of the Android running smartphones. Here’s a list of features that will hopefully be added to this Toolkit in the near future:

1. Complete Fastboot flasher
2. Any device Unrooter…Done in v1.1.0
3. Complete recovery tools(Almost all things which recovery can do)
4. Kernel flasher
5. Logcat collector
6. Bootanimation changer…Done in v1.1.0
7. OTA .exe(Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click)
8. Complete kitchen tools(A alternative to dsixdas kitchen)
9. Any device tweaker
10. Complete Theming Engine(An alternative to UOT Kitchen)
11. Font changer
12. APK Installer
13. Suggestions are Welcome!
14. A good UI
15. Cross Platform

I hope this Toolkit gets completed very soon because that will help users big time as they won’t be needed to search for different tools packed in a bunch for their device. For more information please head over to this thread.


Source:   XDA Developers

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