Toolkit now available for HTC One X

Toolkits are probably one of the most helpful things that bring almost every basic feature under one umbrella. Features like rooting the device, unlocking the bootloader, unrooting the device, flashing a custom recovery and few other handy features are available in that toolkit. The features I have told is more like of a typical Toolkit but there are some other toolkits as well that provides some other stuff as well that ranges from common to unique features. This HTC One Toolkit, developed by XDA Senior Member thunder07, is just like that one and it’s not one of those that only has those basic features but it gives you some a little bit of extra spice to work with. The HTC One Toolkit includes:

Flash Kernels & Modules
Flash Recoveries
Reboot The Phone
Reboot Into Recovery/Bootloader
Kernel Repack – Phone on Android with USB Debug Enabled – No Need For The Recovery
MultiKernel Repack
Repacked output Format Kernel.Ramdisk.IMG
One Click Root
Reworked Module Flasher
Decreased/Removed some delays
Fixed Faux Module Unzipping Problem
Added RUU Zip Flashing Ability – For Advanced Users

As I previously mentioned that this is not just one of those ordinary Toolkits but it has some extra unique features that most of the Toolkits lack like Kernel flashing and RUU zip flashing utility. Because of these handy features this Toolkit is a must have for all the HTC One X owners. To check out more about the Toolkit head over to this thread.


Source:   XDA Developers

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