New Mod Pack Arrived for Latest Update on HTC EVO 4G LTE

When an OTA update release for a device people who are using a rooted device or running their devices on a custom ROM often has to wait a little longer to receive the update. This happens due to the fact that developers would then have to re-base the ROM and updating it with the latest firmware and then also makes necessary changes like providing all the already existed themes, mods and tweaks so that it could work flawlessly.

HTC EVO 4G LTE recently received an update to its firmware and similar to that most of the tweaks have also been updated. Though a mod pack that has several things that are updated and that is designed especially to work with the 1.22 update, the notable things that are updated in this mod pack are:

GPS icon
Browser Debug
Camera Shutter
MMS compression
SMS Secure Box
SMS Block List
MMS over Wifi
Landscape Rosie
360 Rosie
Smooth Scrolling
Keyboard icon
Signature checks
5M MMS size
ADB icon

          Yes that’s quite big list and a pretty impressive one too but the developer was found saying that there is a lot more to add to that list. Meanwhile there are two versions of the mod pack available, one is flashable in custom recovery which looks as if it’s for the daily users while the second version has the files for ROM developers to integrate directly. Check out this thread for more information.


Source:   XDA Developers

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