Alpha Jelly Bean for HTC HD2 now Available

In spite of the fact that HTC HD2 is a couple of years older now but the development for the device hasn’t stopped yet due to its compatibility of actually running the Android on a 4.3 inch screen and the experience of Android on the HTC HD2 somehow is immense. Recently the addition of the Wi-Fi calling on the device running ICS certainly made it pass on the message that this device is going to stay a little longer in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Keeping in mind the developments revolving around the device, Jelly Bean port to the HTC HD2 is surely not surprising. It hasn’t been a month since the launch of Android Jelly Bean and its now available for your HTC HD2 and thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor smokin901 for actually proving that HD2 still got that much power to run it though its not a stable version as its still a new ROM but it will get better as the time passes. There are still some things that are working perfectly on the ROM but there are still some things that are not working since it’s a new ROM. Here’s a list of features that are working perfectly:

Mobile Data 3G/2G
Sound check download page for fix
Video Playback
USB Mass Storage

Here’s a list of features that are not working properly:

Browser works but display is messed up.
Error when installing some Apps
Google now crashes.

This is not just it; users have reported some other problems as well related to the system sounds and hardware acceleration. So after all these features not working, it surely is not ready for daily use but I am sure it will be available soon. Though the Jelly Bean ROM is now available for the developers who might want to update and improve the ROM. Check out the thread for more information.


Source:  XDA Developers

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