Now track yourself with a Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 users can now finally experience a tracking app and can track their movements with the help of the app TrackUrSelf created by XDA Forum Member dartheveda. The developer used the background GPS agent in Windows Phone 7 to track the movements of the user. Though the app was previously available for Android and iOS and were quite popular and fun but the same idea took some time to come to the Windows Phone 7 platform. The app got features like tracking yourself, as the name suggests, when you go hiking or some adventure place. The app got the ability to remember the places that you have previously been to and thus gives you a history of places you go during an average day. As I said this idea of tracking user movements is already available in other popular Operating systems so if you compare this app with the apps that are available on iOS or Android then this particular app for Windows Phone 7 still got some work to do in order to compete with them but for a start it isn’t a bad app either.


This is quite an old school app, after installation it will start tracking your movements with the help of GPS and then display them on a map, if user have defined it. Although it uses GPS but users don’t need to worry as the app successfully ensures the users’ privacy. If you still recieve any errors while installing then proceed to the original thread.


Download TrackUrSelf for Windows Phone 7

Download TrackUrSelf 1.2 for Windsows Phone 7

Download TrackUrSelf 1.2 (new) for Windows Phone 7


Source:  XDA Developers

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