How To Unlock / Relock Sony Xperia ion Bootloader

Why do you need to unlock your Bootloader?
  1. It allows you to flash custom ROMs and Kernerls.
  2. You can root your device on any firmware.
  3. You can easily flash early official early builds by Sony.

Warm up for unlocking your Xperia ion Bootloader:

  1. Open dialer app on your device and type *#06# and your IMEI code will be shown on your screen.
  2. Now download the fastboot package with USB drivers. (Alternative driver)
  3. Make sure you have a USB cable to connect your phone to a Windows PC.
  4. Turn off your phone and keep holding Volume up button while connected to your PC via USB cable so FASTBOOT mode will be triggered and Windows will start installing the driver. You can find the driver on the above package (usb_driver).
  5. Once you have installed the driver successfully disconnect the cable and turn on your device.

How To Unlock Xperia ion Bootloder [Official Way]
Goto and read the details and then click on ‘Start Unlocking the Bootloader

How to verify you are eligible for Bootloader unlock?
Open dialer and type *#*#7378423#*#* to enter in service menu. Now tap info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Yes is written next to Bootloader unlock then you can continue the procedure if it says No or status missing, you cannot unlock your Bootloader.

I. Once you have verified that you eligible to unlock the Bootloder. Scroll to the bottom and click “Continue”
II. Accept it by clicking “Yes i am sure” and accept legal terms too.
III. Now you will be ‘Create Unlock request’ page. Enter your IMEI, name and email address and you will receive an unique unlock key and it would be displayed on your screen. Save the KEY.
IV. Now Extract fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.rar and open fastboot folder.
V. Now click on the background of the folder by holding SHIFT and select ‘Open command window here’.
VI. Now connect your Phone in fastboot mode (turn off your phone and plug it in by holding the volume UP)
VII. In Command Prompt type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version.
VIII. If it shows your 0.5 on the screen then it means you are connected correctly.
IX. Now type in fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY and replace the KEY with the generated key.
X. Now your Xperia ion Bootloader is successfully unlocked.

How To Relock Xperia ion Bootloder [Unofficial Way]

I. First flash the file using FlashTool. (Relock Xperia ion Bootloader) (Alternative)
II. Once it ask you to enter flashmode. Turn off your device and connect your device to your PC by holding Volume down button. The device will be entered in flash mode. Once your pone will be reboot your Bootloader will be relocked.

If you still face any error while running t he process you might find the answer by visiting the original thread.

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