International Samsung Galaxy S III ported to Jelly Bean

Yesterday I was telling you about a Samsung device that has been ported to the Google’s latest OS Jelly Bean and that was Nexus S 4G. The list of the Jelly Bean ported devices has increased by pretty fast rate and the credit goes to the developers who have lived up to the task of providing the users with the latest taste Google’s newly launched OS. Though today Samsung Galaxy S III has been successfully ported to Jelly Bean. Though the ported ROM has got still some weaknesses including the common one that we have seen in the ported Jelly Bean ROM’s, absence of wireless connection. Here’s a detail list of what is working perfectly and what is on the opposite side of that. These are the ones that are working in this Jelly Bean ROM: ADB, Touchscreen, Hardware acceleration, Notification LED, cellular Rado (but no audio so no calls), Physical buttons, SMS, Accelerometer, charging and a lot more. While these are the things that are not working: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC, Audio, Camera, MTP, Storage and some more of it.

You might be thinking that it is a complete crap after reading the features that ported Jelly Bean ROM doesn’t support, and yes you are right. But the ported ROM is still new and developers are still working to make the features alive on the device that is not working currently. But am sure there are still some people out there who want to stay updated with the technology and will surely give it a try. For a complete guide and download links check out this thread here.


Source:  XDA Developers

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