Unlock your AT&T and Rogers HTC One X Without HTCDev

Users probably think twice before unlocking an HTC device, even if its legal and one of your legal rights to hack it, because of unlocking the bootloader via HTC’s defined method will eventually void the warranty. Now voiding a warranty is something that happens with all of the manufacturers but one of the main problems is that if a user is facing any legit trouble then the company doesn’t replace it even if the device got any factory defect. This company policy actually resists users from doing so. Though sometimes users revert back to the original ROM and claim a replacement but it doesn’t work every time as the company representatives are quite smart and knows what users are capable of.

But now the owners of AT&T and Rogers HTC One X can now get over this problem and unlock the bootloader of their device without using HTCDev that means you will be able to unlock the bootloader without letting the company know about it. Meanwhile the method of unlocking the bootloader of your HTC One X is quite complicated but it’s the only way out if you want to unlock the bootloader without letting the HTC know of your act.

Just for an overview, to proceed with unlocking you will have to first download spoofed partitions and push them to your HTC One X. Then users need to enter a customized code through the bootloader and it will unlock the bootloader and obviously it won’t let HTC know that you have unlocked the bootloader as you haven’t tried that using HTCDev method. This method is strictly for the AT&T and Rogers HTC One X.

Complete unlocking guide for AT&T HTC One X

Complete unlocking guide for Rogers HTC One X


Source:  XDA Developers

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