Now Access Complete Features of Google Play Store from Anywhere in the World

With the announcement of Android Jelly Bean at the I/O Conference came the update to the Google Play Store. The update to the Google Play Store includes the launch of TV shows and availability of magazines on the Google’s app store, Google Play. The update also brought large amounts of handy and cloud based multimedia experience for Android users that includes magazines, books, movies, music, TV shows, apps and obviously games. But for the time being these updates are only available for the users residing in the US and not even for the UK that is something really annoying from Google. But obviously the world doesn’t end at US and there are other parts of the world as well and perhaps equally rightful to experience the update that search giants, Google, brought with their new OS Jelly Bean. XDA Senior Member kishankpadiyar after realizing the right introduced a method on how you can gain access to complete features that Google has brought to its app store. To do so you need to have a rooted Android device and Google Play Store 3.7.11. If you don’t have the required version of Google Play Store, you can download it from here.

As far as the method is concerned about how to actually gain access to all the features is not actually short but it’s not hard either. First, you need to install Market Enabler from the .apk and Droidvpn from the Google Play. There’s still a lot to do after installing these two so for the complete guide on how to do it you should visit this thread.


Source:  XDA Developers

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