Sync your Facebook Contacts Without Using a Third Party App on Android ICS

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has impressed most of the users, but it has also bothered many Facebook users, that are using ICS on their phones, because the lack of ability in synchronizing the Facebook contacts. There is no doubt that people want to keep connected to their friends and want all of their connecting data synchronized with their contacts. As now days Facebook friend list is kind of long and contacting them through your phone makes it a little hard as it’s almost impossible to remember their contact information and here where synchronizing the data comes into play. It’s probably one of the handy features that Android ICS is missing. Though there are other third party apps available like Contact sync and Haxsync that can synchronize your contacts but it also involves big threat of actually disclosing the data to third party developers and users are quite hesitant in using these apps.

If you still are facing the same problem and hasn’t yet synchronized your Facebook contacts with your Phone contacts then probably you should try this new method that XDA Recognized Developer Deadknight has described. He doesn’t have a new third party app for you but what he have is, a guide to create your own sync app and would do the exact thing that the other third party app would do with a serious threat of exposing your personal information.

The process is basically about creating your Facebook app and using the unique ID of that app in conjunction with the sync tool provided by Deadknight. This means that many of you must be using the sync tool available on XDA, their info might as well disclosed to the Facebook that they have created a Social networking app themselves.

Check out this thread for a complete guide on how to sync Facebook contacts possible on ICS.


Source:  XDA Developers

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