Camera Mod Improves Picture and Video Quality in Galaxy S III

With the camera mods already done a brilliant job on devices such as HTC Sensation and HTC Vivid. The users of these devices have experienced much better picture and video quality. Though it won’t be better than any of the DSLR camera out in the market but all those people who use their phone cameras for capturing pictures and recording videos will surely feel the change. Now, the users of Samsung Galaxy S III can also have that camera mod and feel the change.

This camera mod is developed by XDA Forum Member hyper-X who also developed the same mod for the Galaxy S II. Not just the improved video recording of 30 Mbit 1080p this app has plenty to offer to Galaxy S III users. Some are:

–         Battery mod / start Camera below 15 %
– Start camera while on CALL
– “VOLUME DOWN/UP” to shot a photo
– 192 kbit @ 48khz for all resolutions
– Now you can instantly shoot photos by pressing Vol. Up/down without refocus object !!
– Press “Menu” button (capacitive button) to focus an object AND it will remain focused until you shoot a photo OR refocus again
– COMPLETE Silence Camera (even without touch-focus sound)
– Refocus + focus-LOCK press “menu”
– Volume down – DIRECT shot without refocusing ! You can shoot instantly so many photos as you want by pressing the key very fast (3-4 pics/Sec.)

–                  This mod is also very easy to install, users can either choose to download the .apk file and install it manually as a system app using a root enabled file manager or apply a recovery-flash able file to have it installed automatically. In my opinion this app is a must download as it allows you to capture much better picture and record better video and a lot more.

Check out the thread for more information and download links.


Source:  XDA Developers


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