Samsung Galaxy S III Mod pack released for Galaxy S I9000

Samsung’s Galaxy S III has a lot to offer for the users. And developers have been working ever since the launch of the new addition to the Samsung’s Galaxy series to somehow bring all that new features such as the new launcher, new widgets and S-voice, a virtual voice assistant, to other phones. First the Samsung Galaxy Nexus mod pack released which had almost all the features that Samsung Galaxy features and makes your Nexus look like the S III. And now the mod pack is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

This mod pack for Galaxy S is just the same as it was for the Galaxy Nexus and the noticeable things is that it is also being developed by the same team of developers that  brought us the mod pack for Galaxy Nexus. The pack includes many SGS III widgets and applications, as well as much of the small stuff such as sounds, icons, and wallpapers. As XDA Senior Member smalldookie states:

Bored with Stock-CM9, SlimIcs or AOKP? But you go crazy when you don’t get your nightlies day by day? You like the SGS3 style and miss some features of the stock ROMs?
The TWICS-Addon-Pack adds a bunch of stock-apps that where ported by xda-members, some SGS3 feeling with (system)-sounds and icons directly ripped from leaked frameworkres.apk/systemui.apk/systemapps of the SGS3 ROM and many more features to your phone.

            The mod pack also works with the CM9 Nightlies, so if you are a frequent flasher, the mod pack can also be re-installed almost every flash along with the ROM so that you don’t lose any of the functionality. For detailed information, full feature and apps list, download links and installing guide check out this thread.


Source:  XDA Developers



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