Root achieved on Motorola Razr GSM and CDMA for Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola Mobility has locked their bootloader forever so that it could prevent their devices from rooting but that hasn’t been able to stop the developers and hackers in obtaining root. Motorola just released an ICS update for Motorola Droid Razr. However, as when all devices get a new firmware update, there was the question of re-rooting the device. Thankfully, that issue has been solved.

The method of rooting most Motorola devices was written by XDA Forum Member hacker812c. This hack was originally designed to root Droid 4 by another  XDA Senior Member Rick#2. Though now with the help from XDA Forum Member miloj, this method now also works on the Razr as well. That’s how the hacker812c describes it:

This method runs on CDMA and GSM Razr…
This method run in all versions ICS 4.0.4 for Razr
This method run in all versions ICS BRAZIL and ICS Leaks
This method run in all versions ICS CHINA / 4.0.3. and 4.0.4

            This root method is the conventional one and there’s no one click method available for root yet. It’s not so difficult as it looks. For those having problems, there are also some troubleshooting tips. Complete download instructions and download links available on this thread.


Source:  XDA Developers


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