ButlerSMS Lets you Reply or Send Text Messages when you Can’t

This is one app that personally I have been waiting for. An app, which keeps you safe. When you are driving, it’s possibly the hardest thing and probably the most unsafe thing to reply of an SMS while driving. When you are in an urgent meeting and your friend is waiting for you outside and you can’t reply…surely this app would help you then. An app which lets you set an automatic response to let your friends and other people know that you are busy instead of not even replying which makes them wonder and think.

This cool app is developed by xda forum member zalez. This app has a lot to offer like what should be the response? Who should receive it when they message you? It also lets you set the time that if you receive a text and don’t reply for a certain time then it will reply back automatically. It also allows you to block those people which you don’t want them to receive your automatic replies. Although this is a paid app available on Google’s Play Store but the developer has made it available for free on the xda developers forum. It’s the one of the coolest apps and an app, which I would surely recommend to all of you.


Download ButlerSMS via xda developers

Download ButlerSMS via Google Play Store


Source:  XDA Developers


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