How to increase the RAM on your Samsung Galaxy Y

Now as you know there are a lot of budget Android phones available in the market. And the most basic problem with the hardware in these budget Android phones is that they don’t have quite enough RAM to play with. This probably isn’t an issue for most users who mostly uses their phone for calling, sending up texts and checking e-mails. Though there is another class of users who just don’t use it for calling and sending texts but they use it for gaming and heavy app usage, that’s where the shortage of RAM comes into play. Running out of RAM can be annoying as it causes loads of problems like app crashes and large-scale lag.

But now a xda member CarlDeanCatabay has written up a method which enables swap file and partition on your Samsung Galaxy Y. However, undoubtedly, this method is a little complicated and requires you to create partition on your SD Card. This method will lessen lifespan of your SD Card due to the higher number of write cycles.

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Source:   xda Developers

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