Say Bye to the Occasional Game Lag on HTC One X

Having a powerful and probably the latest phone like the HTC One X and experiencing a lag while playing games, seriously you don’t want to be in that situation. HTC One X have a quad core 1.5 ghz processor so many of you don’t expect it to lag while gaming, but yeah it does occasionally. If you are thinking it’s probably because of the quad core thing then you are right, at least for some part. Though this can also happen to dual core devices. Mobile Phones aren’t primarily bought as the gaming consoles but you expect a little more from the phones like HTC One X.

This lag is due to the phone’s frequency scaling that varies depending on how many cores are active. Some games apparently do not get access to the all four cores of the device even when all the four cores are active, and the ones who get access to the all of the cores do not use the clock speed they can. To fix this problem, xda recognized contributor hamdir has come up with an app called ‘System Tuner’. To have this app you need to have your phone rooted. This app would let you know when to overclock the speed of your processor and when to change it to minimum clock speed. While for obvious reasons this change would have a definite impact on the battery life, though battery life shouldn’t be that much affected when only used while gaming.

For detailed information click here. you can also check out this page for other lag problems in your HTC One X, if you are facing any.


Source:  xda developers

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