Low Storage Notification Fix for Galaxy S I9000

Low storage notification is annoying when you have plenty of free space on your device. Many Android devices have such bugs, one of them is this low storage bug, there’s nothing to worry about it but it can be irritating. This low storage bug stops you from downloading apps from the Google Play Store and thus you cant experience any new app. It is a problem that many users of Samsung Galaxy S I9000 are facing for a while, but now there’s a fix for it.

This particular fix is for the devices running CyanogenMod bcause CyanogenMod stores data in /datadata which is a small but fast flash chip. This partition is just 170 MB in size, though it isn’t a big issue for users who don’t like to have so many apps but it is, for those who want to have loads of apps, low notification bug isn’t quite something what the users want to see while downloading an app.

A senior member of XDA Wendigogo fixes the bug assosciated with the low storage notification. This fix allows users to get control of actually where to store the cache of the applications. For applications that require a lot of space, you can move it from /data partition and let other apps remain where they are. This will lessen the weight of the tiny partition and should fix the low storage notification bug.

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Source:  xda developers

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