Unofficial Whatsapp Plus, a complete new experience


Developers can do wonders with the apps. Most operating systems don’t provide that free hand for the developers, but that is indeed one of the best part of the Android development. It provides the developers to go an extra mile and create a whole new thing for the user. For instance if an was boring then, it can now be as interesting like any other app and you cant stay away from it for much longer.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and used app for communication among the users from different parts of the world. While using the same old thing, though it provides what is required of the app without any flaws but the appearance is just too old. With updates from Whatsapp it definitely improved the performance but they haven’t updated the appearance of the app. Everybody does gets bore of the same old new look, at least I do.

XDA senior member rafalense, has done exactly what I am talking about. He actually redesigned the look of the whatsapp. Customised themes, background and much more. Here are the details of what’s new in this modified app:

–          ‘PLUS theme’ option added. Change icons and images distribution to make WhatsApp more functional
– Chat Bubbles color now can be changed
– Stock round chat bubbles can be changed to square ones
– Headers color option added too (for Chats, Contacts and Conversation screens)
– Added option to discard annoying update message when opening WhatsApp (for the ones who suffer of it)
– “online”, “typing” and “last seen…” MODs are back
– Added transparency control for bubbles in Chat screen
– Added color mod for status icons in Chat screen (clock, check and double-check icons)
– Now inside Conversation Colors, Header and Chat MODs sepparated for a better comprehension

For more information check out xda-developers.  


Source:  xda-developers


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