How To Unlock Bootloader of AT&T HTC One X

Right now HTC and Samsung are two companies that captured Android market with their amazing smartphones and tablets. In March,  HTC previewed ONE Series. HTC ONE Series consist of three smartphones HTC ONE X, HTC ONE S and HTC ONE V. One of the most exciting device from the series is HTC ONE X because its a first ever QUAD-CORE smartphone which means that it contains 4 core-processor.

It was finally released in April. Its a great Android device with amazing hardware and software compatibility. First we have shared with you How to Root At&t HTC One X with a Single Click and now in this post we are going to discuss how to unlock boot loader of your smartphone. One of the Senior Member of XDA-Developers has come up with the easy to follow guide to unlock your boot loader of HTC ONE X.

Proceed at your own risk! You should perform this method only if you know what you’re doing. Please refer to the original thread here for more precise details on how to unlock HTC One X bootloader.

First you will have to dump an image of your /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 partition. After doing it open the file in hex editor. You will have to look for specific offsets and modify the CID to read as Rogers variant rather than AT&T. After doing it you will be just few adb commands away from dd-ing the modified partition. Once its done just reboot to boot loader and verify that you have indeed changed the device CID using fast boot and then proceed to use standard HTCdev unlock method.

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