How To Fix S Voice Network Error on Android Devices

Hackers did a heck of a job to rip S-Voice — a feature that is exclusive only to Samsung’s latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S III — not only for Galaxy devices, but all compatible Android devices. The VoiceTalk.apk for S-Voice has already been leaked out and have reached millions of Android users. This definitely would have bothered Samsung and its officials obviously couldn’t have kept their hands in their pockets, so they started blocking server access for all non Galaxy S 3 devices. But android hackers are so efficient in their work that they have found a way around to avoid this error as well.

There are couple of fixes available; one that needs a root access on your device to change build prop, and the other needs you to have ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Download Link for Galaxy S Voice .apk

Method # 1

Download the following file and install to the directory mentioned below.ICS Only
Install to system/app/Download (Mirror Link)

Method # 2

To use the second method, you need to have a root access to your device. After installing the S Voice app, use a root explorer app to edit your build.prop. Edit build.prop by going to “/system/build.prop”. Open it in Text Editor and make the following changes.


              ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus ( Or whatever phone you may have )



            and. ro.product.device=GT-I9300

After you’re done editing, press Save and Exit, and then Reboot your device. That’s it, you’re done!


Instead of working your way around with above fixes, download the new version of S Voice with build.prop and network error fixed. Here is the link of the post.

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