Samsung S Voice Siri Clone Leaked, Install S Voice on Samsung Galaxy Note & other Galaxy Devices

The latest war going around over the smart phones, Samsung has only one competitor and that is undoubtedly Apple. With one of the most successful android phone Samsung Galaxy S II, the company is now launching the successor i.e. Galaxy S III which is probably the most awaited smart phone of this year as already millions of devices have already been ordered online even before it came on to the shelf. Apple designed the most amazing artificial intelligence app, Siri, for its iPhone 4S latest phone from them as yet.

Now the Samsung have developed the same sort of artificial Intelligence app, for its upcoming Galaxy S III, called ‘S Voice’. Its arguably the center of attraction of the newly coming Galaxy S III, which is obviously an Android phone running Android 4.0 which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

S voice is truly a Siri Clone in almost every way. It allows users to speak to the phone in normal human speech as supposed to only being able to use a few stale, specific voice commands. It allows the users to take pictures by saying ‘Cheese’. You can actually open and launch the apps using the S Voice. While driving you can open up the music player to listen to music or launch Google maps in case if you find yourself on the wrong track. This brings total hands-free usage to an entirely different level that Samsung has imagined daily users can truly use and enjoy.

You can experience it even before its release as this app is leaked and should work with any Samsung Galaxy device with ease. You can have it on your Galaxy Note and other Galaxy devices. You just have to uninstall the default voicetalk app before installing this. It will install just like any other .apk file.  So here is the S Voice .apk file extracted from Samsung Galaxy S III.






Galaxy S Voice .apk



Source:  xda Developers



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