Apple iPad 3 Releasing on March 7, Could Cost More than iPad 2

As Apple has started sending out invitations to bloggers and reporters for the media event on March 7, the news confirms the official launch of Apple iPad 3 on the same day as speculated. It can be termed as ‘March is for iPad’, as this is the third time in three years that Apple has released its tablet in this month, with iPad and iPad2 been released the same day of the week. According to Computerworld, this is how the invitation goes,

“We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Undoubtedly, there is going to be millions who would jump to see and touch this ‘something’ when it will hit the market. Even though there has only been speculations regarding the physical aspects of this tablet, the invitation card hints out at something no one has guessed before. The background depicts and iPad with a finger being pointed at the calendar app as shown below. If this is the picture of iPad 3, then it might not come with a home button, the very first Apple iPad of its kind. The pic also hints out at the ‘Retina’ display as rumored by some bloggers.

Unlike every other smartphone giants, Apple never discloses the ‘stand-out’ features of its devices till the very end. Even though it is widely believed that the new iPad will feature a quad-core processor, higher-resolution screen, retina display and bla bla, no official statement has been made by Apple in this regard. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology is one feature that will surely kill its competition, so it would be a big disappointment if iPad 3 doesn’t sport that.

Like its features, no news has been spread out by Apple regarding iPad’s pricing. This is something Apple must have given a deeper thought as there are several competing tablets like Motorla Xyboard, RIM Playbook etc, that are relatively cheaper than iPads. While the prices of iPad 2 models have gone to all time low in retail stores like Best Buy, it is expected that the new iPad will cost $80 more for similar Wi-Fi models and $70 more for 3G versions.

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